List # 30

A few weeks ago I said that I was going to blog about my favorite things from A to Z. And so far, I've managed to blog about...A. Since I'm feeling icky tonight, with cramps and a serious case of the "I want to stay in bed, listen to sad music & listen to the wind in spring" I figured tonight was a good night to move on to the next letter of our alphabet.

Without further ado, I present to you my 3 favorite things that start with B. None of them having to do with boys, break-ups or baseball. And actually, 3 of my all-time favorite things just happen to be B's.

1. Books

An obvious choice, I know. But books are such an important part of not only my identity, but my peace. I read every day. Of course I read bits of the newspaper, a virtual stack of blogs, email, etc. but I also read at least a few pages of a book every day. My favorite books are always changing & I am usually always reading more than one title at a time. Books have always served as a "best friend" for as long as I can remember & I'm lucky that I get to incorporate something that gives me so much joy in my daily life. They are just a part of me I don't want to ever get rid of. The other day a friend jokingly askedwhat my safe haven was (thanks to autocorrect & text messaging) and I answered "Any place with books & my bubbie." Which brings us to another B item.

2. My Bubbie

Just an FYI that is picture is about as close to I can find that capture's the bubbie's original looks. He has seen better days & is ragged anymore. And I'm sure there are some people who would say I should be embarrassed about this post. But you know what? I'm my 29 years, I've met more people who are proud that they still have/love/cherish their baby item than I have met people who laughed at me. And sure, we can blame pushover parents who couldn't take a comfort object away. But you know what? I'm not giving it up & it's sticking around. Enough said.

3. Butterflies
Another love of mine since I was very little (and when you throw "birds" into the mix, it was tough choosing a third B). I have small collection of butterfly themed things friend & family have given me over the years: crystal, earrings, purses, framed collections and more. I couldn't really tell you why I love them so much but I think it has to do with their perfect symmetry, their bright colors & their ability to flutter around and explore each day. I've always said that a butterfly is the only tattoo I'd consider getting, if only so many other girls didn't share the same opinion. Oh well, no regrets.

B might prove to be my easiest letter out of the 26. But what about you? Any favorite B things? Please share!


List # 29

Oh, Oscar night. Some say that a girl's wedding day is the day she dreams about her whole life. But for this girl, The Academy Awards have always been a steady day dream of mine. Who wants to dream of a white dress when you can dream of colors & fabrics & designers?

So tonight's list is a lists of things I would do if I was ever invited to the Academy Awards. A girl can dream, right?

1. I would take Robert Downey, Jr., Colin Firth, Mark Ruffalo & Christian Bale as my dates. They could rotate duties & just tell me how smart/sexy/gorgeous I am all night.

2. I'd want to sing a duet on the Oscar stage. Never mind that I can't sing. But let's make it count. I want to sing with Randy Newman. He is nominated almost every year anyway, so I'm sure he'd be there.

3. I'd win an award for Best Actress (go big or go home) and give the most amazing speech. And because I'd be nervous, I'm sure I would swear.

4. Anne Hathaway & I would sit next to each other for the whole show & giggle about the terrible dresses. But we're actually really nice people, so we wouldn't say anything mean. And we'd vocal about our desire to let the writers/sound mixers/etc. be given proper amount of time to thank their loved ones.

5. I'd dance the night away at all of the after parties. Making out with my dates, of course. And maybe Scarlet if she is still wearing that dress. Also, Anne Hathaway and I would bond over bourbon & be best friends for life.

Silly day dreams, I know. But you know what? It's Oscar night, who cares.


List # 28

Tomorrow is Friday but I still have 2 days of work ahead. I'll be a Saturday Librarian making up for the Friday I took off for last weekend's travels. And it's been a very busy week, but I don't mind. Even if tonight has me feeling exhausted enough to fall asleep on the couch before The Office even started.

And lately, when a fit of the super tireds has really taken over my body, I just sort of go with it. I don't fight it, I don't try to juggle more activities, I let my body have rest. Because if I don't, I find that I just end up feeling more anxious about certain things twirling about in my life and I already do enough thinking without going off the deep end. There is only so much one can think about the things that cause us stress, no matter the source.

So tonight, I'm vowing to catch up on a few things this weekend:

1. I want to put away laundry. I still haven't fully unpacked from my travels (a snowstorm got in the way of my plans). And I am starting to feel disorganized. Which, for a person who is not all that personally organized, that is saying a lot.

2. I want to send postcards & letters to friends overseas. I want to welcome new bundles of baby, I want to send support to my struggling country of love. In general, I miss them.

3. I want to finish a very long book. The Lonely Polygamist to be exact.

4. I want to cook a meal my yet-to-be-used, got-it-for-Christmas Crock Pot. For my family.

5. And I want to catch up on Teen Mom.

Oh, Weekend. Be kind.


List # 27

Yesterday I wrote that I wanted to experience an honest-to-goodness, bring-me-to-my-knees, never-saw-this-coming first kiss. Mix that with a few songs & some good conversation and I have been thinking about first kisses all day. Not necessarily my very first kiss, which is something I only vaguely remember and would like to probably forget all together, but those first kisses that are the start of something bigger.

It's easy for me to get down on myself and feel lonely right now. It's a battle I fight nearly every day. And it's also easy for me to think about all the negative things that have come out of my past relationship. How much hurt I feel, how angry I can get, how sad it is not have that goodness in my life anymore. It is easy to be overcome with the negative thoughts of being lied to about love, to sit around and think of the more recent moments that seemed blurred anymore. But today, I didn't want to do that.

I really wanted to think about the truly good and exciting times, the spark, the love that I believe really existed. And then, this train of thought brought me back to first kisses.

So for tonight's list, I have thought long & hard about 3 very wonderful first kisses. Not all of the firsts and not the last firsts. But just ones that really stand out in my memory and ones I don't mind sharing. So, in no particular order of importance or memory just simply chronologically, 3 very important kisses in my life:

1. The College Boyfriend. Well, to be honest he really wasn't my college boyfriend, just a very close friend. Any type of relationship stuff happened after I graduated and ended before I moved to another country. But this kiss was definitely college. I'll never forget standing in the doorway of my college house, over a Valentine's Day weekend when all of my roommates were gone, and a more than a little tipsy. And the kiss of a friend whose lines suddenly blurred. How my roommates had been asking for weeks, each time we came home from the bars, if we had locked lips yet (seriously, I think that was their exact wording) and how that weekend, I got to say yes. I didn't know it then, but this kiss would be the start of a journey. I would learn how to respect myself and learn that some people just aren't meant to be in my life in big ways. I would learn that I have more to give than others suspect and that I'm smarter than some give me credit for. I would grow guts because of this first kiss and for that, I am thankful.

2. The Ivy Leaguer. The summer before my last year of teaching, I was down in the dumps. I was dreading the start of another school year, with a bully boss in a place I didn't belong. I longed to wrap up the year and move on; no frills, no fuss. But that summer I met a very cute & very smart guy who was home in-between semesters. And our first kiss was actually after a walk on Mt. Washington on a hot July night. A Pittsburgh cliche I had never fulfilled until that moment. Nothing really grew from this first kiss, and even though I would try to trick myself into thinking it would, I knew from the start this was a summer fling. But this one little kiss introduced me to someone who found me sexy because I was smart. It led me to understanding even more fully, that my place in life was changing and that I wasn't crazy for being upset about my employment situation. It helped me understand that much better things were out there, just within my reach. I can't even recall his last name now, but his first kiss was a reminder that life should be fun.

3. The Best Person I Thought I Knew. It was a Wednesday night, in his car, after our official first date but hardly our first time hanging out. We had been paired up as Obama campaigning buddies and/or met at the library through his Father. And the story that you would get for two years + after would depend upon your political leanings. He had such a huge grin on his face as he kissed me. And I spoke the words we would joke about for the entirety of our relationship, "I like your beard. Today." He laughed & had the cutest cheeks and we wouldn't figure out for a few more dates that I didn't think he had actually had a beard when we first met. Never mind that he had it for years. Observation, when I am overwhelmed & especially nervous, is not my strongest suit. And I'm not at the point in my life where I can look back and tell you what this first gave me. My journey with this person may be over, but my emotions are still churning and the deliverance of peace with our actions has not yet arrived. Soon, I hope but not yet. I do know that is first kiss lead to me discovering confidence. It helped me find my inner cheerleader & go after what I want in life. This first kiss led me to opening my life up to someone in ways I didn't know how & led to a love I will never forget. I may like to think I'd skip over this first kiss if given the chance, but I'm not quite sure I would tell that girl sitting in the car not to do it. And for what I do know he gave me, I'm happy he was there.

Sure, there are more kisses than just these. And each of these kisses leads to dozens of other stories about men & women, relationships & break-ups. But I like thinking of them as a first-kiss memory. You can't take away the sweet part of a first-kiss. In fact, I know that I could to a top 5 kiss list. There are 2 more really great first kisses in my past. A total of 5 that shine above all the rest, all for different reasons. I wonder if any of those first kisses I was a part of are ever thought about from the other end. I like to think, yes. If not be all, if not by the same listed here, at least by a few others. No one wants to be a forgotten memory.

So, my dears? What is your most memorable first kiss? I'm curious as to your thoughts.


List # 26

I'm back, dear readers, from a well-deserved & well-needed pretty girls weekend in the big city & a snowy night from hell in the city I call home. There is a lot of stories to tell from both the the adventures, actually. But as much as I truly enjoying writing a blog and sharing very personal thoughts with an open world, there are some things that are better left to be told to good friends, face-to-face. Plus, I am really striving for this blog to be about emotions, goals, thoughts, memories, etc. and not just a retelling a of my daily events. Or at least I'm trying to give a different view on daily events.

But how do we play catch-up on a blog where I'm trying to post at least 5 x a week? I've decided to just write a list of some of the things to cross my mind between the last time we met & now.

1. Airports are the best general place that man has built. Sure, certain landmarks are better: The Acropolis, The Taj Mahal, et al. But as for a generic building? You can't ask for much better people watching & excitement combination than an airport.

2. What do you do when you discover that the album you have deemed your "Break-Up" go-to listen, is the very same one your ex is listening to every night? Because it just feels a little off to me that the same songs could be helping people on the opposite side of an emotional journey.

3. Friendships are journeys filled with twists & turns, new & old. And sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that let us open up & share secrets, memories, laughter & sadness with old friends that are only growing to become new & better friends.

4. I am a goal-oriented person.

5. There is nothing I dislike more than feeling helpless. I hate asking for help; I hate having to reach out and ask people to take care of me in any shape or form. And when I do this, like I had to last night, I become anxious & in turn can sometimes become snippy & the opposite of what I really feel. This struggle will one day become a blog post of its own when I finally build up the guts to write it.

6. No matter what has happened between myself & the best person I thought I knew, I still feel in all portions of my heart that he is a good guy. He's not malicious, he cares about so many people & I see this in him all of the time. It actually makes me even sadder when I think about it, that this deep level of kindness is no longer a part of my daily life, but I do hope he knows that I know this.

7. I am completely ready for spring & the adventures it has the potential to bring. I understand that they may not be all good adventures, but I'm ready for a new season to fit into. I need the sun to come out & make me believe that there is hope lying just on the horizon.

8. I want an honest-to-goodness, bring-me-to-my-knees, never-saw-this-coming first kiss.

9. Like always a good book & a good bath do wonders for the weary body & mind.

10. The Sacks Fifth Avenue shoe floor is a wondrous place that I never would have thought to visit. It's a place of beauty, energy, feminine spirit & girly fun. I want to go back & buy the best pair of librarian shoe porn I've ever seen.

Until tomorrow, my readers. Stay warm & smile.


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On a break until this single girl finds the time. But now is the time for weekend gateways and catching up with old friends.
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Letter # 11

Dear Readers,

I was going to do one of my letter lists tonight, but it's getting late & I can't muster the creativity. Instead, I'll just say that today was a day filled with afternoon giggles, compliments from an old lady at another library, lunches eaten over maps & haircuts. It was one where I didn't have the cutest outfit on, but I still managed to feel good. It was a day where I told stories of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood & had hope for some bright things in the future (things I don't even want to talk about yet for fear of jinxing myself).

So I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for sending me such kind notes of inspiration & support through email, Facebook, texts & dates. You're just awesome. Please, keep sending them & don't be afraid to leave a comment or two right on the page as well. One thing I have certainly learned in the past month & a half is that we are all connected, with much in common, with secrets hidden, more than we ever expected.

Love Always,



List # 25

Today was one of those days where emotions were all over the place. I don't even really know how it happened because honestly, I woke up with some pep in my step & feeling good in a new dress. But even the best days can have a few moments in them.

I have been wondering what to write tonight, but being witty or retrospective seems like too much work tonight. Honestly, today was just a day where things happened & emotions were felt.

1. My morning barista told me that I looked nice today & that he even liked my scarf. And you know what? I want more compliments in my life. Not in the begging for them way, but just in that kind, going to take time to acknowledge someone way. And I'm giving more of them too.

2. Today was the first day I have ever *seriously* considered leaving Facebook. I know that what I am about to say will, to some, simply sound bitter & jealous. But before Facebook, a single person never had to worry about the constant reminders of what is "missing" in his/her life. But after a few days of photos of gifts/flowers/rings/trips/messages to significant others/etc. I just had to turn away. I can honestly say that I am very, very happy for you. But sometimes I'm just grow weary of how much it has all become a competition.

3. I had over 30 toddlers come to my story time this morning. That's right, over 30 toddlers in one room. With 20-some parents in tow. If that's not an insanely awesome way to start your morning, I'm not sure what else is.

4. I found my good day fading this evening when I was in the hospital visiting my Dad. Suddenly, I felt as if my good mood could only last so long. And I was so sad to be leaving work and not come home to a smiling face. Or I felt the undeniable urge to play Scrabble with a boy, or laugh as we cooked dinner together. I've reached the point where I miss the "coupley" things before I miss the person. Maybe?

5. Eating dinner in the sunshine & having a reasonably attractive man keep making eye contact with you as he conducts an interview is thrilling. In the most harmless way possible, but it was still kind of cute.

Here's to more smile, lovelies.


List # 24

Happy Valentine's Day.

And while this day probably meant flowers & candy & romantic dinners for many. It meant just another Monday for me, with some tween angst thrown in at an Anti-Valentine's Day party. We trashed romance novels & talked about how Taylor Swift only makes songs about falling in love & breaking up, because "she dates too many people."

Instead of focusing on the mushy, I'm going to blaze some empowerment tonight. As I present my Top 5 Songs that Make Me Feel Awesome Playlist:

1. Naughty Girl, Beyonce: The obvious choice here is Single Ladies, but I'd much rather flaunt my own sexiness than be singing to the guy that he should have put a ring on it. Of course he should have put a ring on it, because I'm sexy, awesome and would gladly be naughty.

2. Uncharted, Sara Bareilles: Okay, so I am on a Sara Bareilles kick, I've made that clear before. But this songs makes me feel good about not knowing how this is all going to sort itself out. It will get better, I will find love again and I might as well just enjoy the ride.

3. Hips Don't Lie, Shakira: Like all women, I have issues with my body. But I've reached a point in my life where I am finally in love with it most of the time. I'm curvy, I love my breasts (though they are not small & humble like Shakira's) and I love my hips. If you're on board with that, then you just might be able to handle me.

4. F*ck You, Cee-Lo: Because really, how can you be getting over a love of your life and not want to blast this song on repeat all day long?! The verses may not even have all that much to do with my own situation, but damn! I get all pumped and energized after hearing it. You don't want to be with me? Well, alright...listen to Cee-Lo, you'll get the message.

5. Dirrty, Christina Aguilera: Hearing this song, no matter if I'm home alone, riding my bike, at a wedding, always makes me happy to be single. It's a celebration of of feeling the sexy & throwing elbows.

It's about time for my arrival.


List # 23

My blog post from this morning was fueled by huge senses of sadness, loss & anger. Let's face it: I am still upset that the best person I thought I knew decided he no longer wanted to be a part of my life. And since it's only been a little bit over a month (and we were together for over 2 years) I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's probably okay that I'm still morning this loss.

But I'm less sad than I was this morning, and even less angry because anger is a silly feeling to hold on to. If I can survive every day of my week, let go of all the stories & future I want to share with him, release the love I have for him, stop asking questions and stop wondering about him, then I will be okay. And honestly? Most days I can tackle these things. In little, tiny, baby steps. I think it should be known that I'm not a mess most days. In fact it's quite the opposite.

So because I don't want to end this day on a sad note, I'm writing another list. I must admit, it's harder for me to come up with this than this morning's. I feel stuck between a rock & a hard place, lately. Many situations in my life are not what I thought they'd be in 2011. But we all hit speed bumps, right?

Things I Love at the Moment:

1. I have good friends who are there in times of need. I honestly felt warmth & kindness spill over me this afternoon. Thank you.

2. Twitter. I think I've said this before, but having a creative outlet that funny, intelligent women read really makes me happy.

3. Mumford & Sons. The CD I requested for the ex arrived at the library just a few days after he broke it off. And now I have it on my iTunes to ease the sad and make me happy.

4. I get to do work that is my passion every day. And I'm excited because I honestly feel that there is someone out there who respects this and wants to be a part of it, waiting for me.

5. Books & bathtubs. Two of my favorite simple things that always make my heart happy.

6. Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I bought the ex a secret case that I was saving for after the holidays as a surprise. It's his favorite, I drank some this weekend & after this case, will probably never drink it again.

And with that, I ask what makes you angry, sad, happy, lovelies? Here's to the power of a positive week.

List # 22

Things I Hate at the Moment:

1. I hate that I have go to the ex's house this afternoon & gather up my things. In many ways I have waited too long, but I'm still not ready.

2. I hate that even though I like to think I'm doing just fine, I cry at the sound of his voice. He should not have that power over me.

3. I hate that we don't know each other's lives anymore. I should be cheering on group projects & he should be here in rough times. And we should be having dates.

4. I hate that I have to deal with family things alone. Because it's not fun & overwhelming & unfair.

5. I hate that people always crack a joke about 27 Dresses when they find out how many weddings I've been in. Yeah, haha. My life is like that movie. Except that there is no guy chasing me to get that happy ending. Also, Katherine Hiegl sucks.

6. I hate that you just don't know when you're going to get to the part that makes it better. When will 2011 get significantly better?

7. I hate that I let someone into my life in ways that I didn't know was possible to have it disappear. Because how do I do that again?

8. I hate him. Okay, so I don't. But I'm angry & sometimes filled with rage. And wouldn't hate be so much easier?

And I know I really try not to be a negative person. And I think on a day-to-day level I'm at peace with a lot of things. But not having the person you used to talk about everything to, really kind of gets to you at unforeseen moments.


List # 21

It's the weekend before Valentine's Day. And since Monday is the fateful day of hearts & all things love, I'm sure many people will be out & about showering their loved ones with gifts & dinners & well, love. But I discussed my general feelings about the day yesterday and there really is no reason to rehash. I'm keeping it low key & quiet this weekend in preparation of spending & adventure next weekend.

So yeah, I'm single & it stinks. But I'm saving money & packing bags for a trip.

But today, struck by a moment in Starbucks, I got to thinking about the men in my life who have helped to shape me into the woman I am at this moment. And since I have a habit of waxing nostalgic over tea in the morning, I got to thinking about the songs that elicit their names in my memory. I'm a girl who falls for the cute guy with a guitar. A raspy voice and a talent for songwriting get me, so you'll notice a theme on tonight's list. And I should reveal that this is only a sampling.

When I compiled this playlist in my head throughout the day, and finally picked them tonight, I tried to add the first things that came to my mind when I thought of certain someones. A few of them have more than one entry, a few entries cross over to a few different men. Some stand for great friends who have been there through tough times, some stand for those that have long since been memories whom I wish well, and of course, some stand for the one who broke my heart.

Like all of my lists, the collection is short. And certainly not every guy nor every one of their songs is listed. The boring engineer? I don't even think he liked music, so of course he doesn't have a song. But the great guys, in one way or another? They are there. No mini-stories for explanations, but if you're interested? Just ask. You never know.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think. And leave all thoughts in the comments.

Editor's Note: This isn't the actual order I wanted for this playlist, but I'm having too much trouble trying to get the list changes to save.


Letter # 10

Dear Week Leading up to St. Valentine's Day,

Yep, I know, love is in the air. And we should all be buying our Valentines heart-shaped jewelry from Kay/Jared/any other big box store that is the same across the country. You also suggest golf outings for the men, or some other silly nonsense.

But let me share a secret with you, those gifts suck. And actually, this whole week has been a big ball of annoying & I'm ready to move on to the rest of February now. Is this a bit of the single-girl blues talking? Of course it is.

But I've never been the number one fan of Valentine's Day. I like pink & hearts & having fun with the kids at the library, but never thought much needed to be done at home. And as for gifts? Well, the only guy I ever dated who liked golf was really, really boring and a big prude.

But you know what I love about it? A simple card (Hallmark, of course) and this year, good break-up music. Because I still miss him, though I'm trying very hard to keep him out of mind.
I welcome February 15th (or even better, the 18th). Bring on days that don't remind me of snuggled-in snowstorms. And let me wear pretty dresses.

Because you know what? Lots of us are single & awesome. We don't really want your heart-shaped necklaces designed by the Medicine Woman.

After all, I've always been an Etsy girl.




List # 20

I'm late on the blogging thanks to an evening out with some of the best women to graduate from Allegheny College & be Kappas. And then thanks to a packet of paper work that was calling my name before my *first* chiropractor visit tomorrow.

So I'm not really ready to write a long & thoughtful post. So tonight you're getting a short list.

Things that can make a Librarian Happy during the Day:

1. Patient patrons who do not require their books to be checked in immediately upon entering the library.
2. Reference questions that extend beyond bathroom locations.
3. 1040 instruction booklets finally arriving in the mail.
4. Children & parents who truly enjoy story time.
5. Placing hold requests, and finding waiting lists, for books that aren't written by serial authors. No one needs another James Patterson book.

I'll leave you guessing as to which things happened today. I know you're that curious about the life of a local librarian.


List # 19

So the Steelers lost the Super Bowl on Sunday night and Pgh found itself in a dull, rainy funk all Monday. Though truthfully, I think we handled the loss with respect and dignity. Not once in my library did I hear Yinzer cries of foul play or Packer slams. No, we lost & that's fine. We still have 6 Super Bowl wins & we've been 4 times in my lifetime. I'll take it.

But even if with a positive attitude, I found myself unable to escape a taste of the blues today. Too much let down after so much energy spent & a rough night's sleep, maybe. Or perhaps it's from the stress of having my Dad in this hospital, trying to support my Mom, the one complaint from a new story time parent, the feeling in the middle of the afternoon that I need to do all of this alone, with one to pick up on the other phone line and hear my concerns in the middle of the day. Much less the dark hours of the night.

So tonight, I'm just giving you a list of things that made me smile today:

1. The Libra Woman because all of this is true & I could really be no Zodiac sign. And I'm believing more than ever that there are forces that help shape who we are and no matter what we do, we will always be pulled to these cores.

2. Because I have a trip in less than 2 weeks and I have been so busy that I don't even have time to think too much about it. This is a good thing because it means that time is moving fast until I get to have a pretty girls weekend & make new memories. I can't wait. And soon it will be time for single digit days.

3. This dress.
Because I'm loving my body & taking risks. And stepping outside of my boundries feels oh. so. good.

Not bad for a rainy day with dropping temperatures in the city with the country's biggest hangover.

What made you smile today, lovelies?


Miscellaneous # 9

Just a little bit of sunshine can do wonders. Lately I have been feeling like a new person. With many new adventures and opportunities for stories coming my way.

So much more to look forward to than there is to be sad about what is gone.

What are you looking forward to, lovelies?


Letter # 9

Dear One,

They say that you the loneliest number. And even though I hate to say it, in many ways it is true. You are a marker of time, and the first part of something new is always the hardest. The first day of school, the first year of high school, the first semester of college, etc. etc. And yes, certainly now.

But as this one closes, I find myself more focused on the numbers to come. They are filled with partners & parties. And a reminder that though I can often feel alone as one, there are friends near & far, that make sure one doesn't necessarily have to stay, that friendships bring mutiple reasons to be happy & that I am never truly alone.

I will gladly look to a future that doesn't include marking time. But I can handle the in-between. I can create my own memories & laugh. One doesn't stop me.

And you know what? My horoscope for this month is dead-on, new adventures are expected and peace is an emotion I am getting to know again.

Bye-bye, one. May the next January be not as tough.

Love Always,



List # 18

I was reading some blogs during my dinner break at work tonight (I say dinner because tonight was my weekly turn to work until 9) and was happy to see that my good friend Leanne had updated her blog. She wrote a fun list of her favorite things that begin with the letter "C" and I have to agree with her, I love all of those things too.

But seeing as it's already after 10pm, my bedtime is looming, and I really could not decide what to blog about tonight. I'm totally stealing Leanne's idea (and I hope she doesn't mind). Now since this blog has a theme of lists, I've become inspired by Leanne's Cs and challenge myself to list 3 things I enjoy for every letter of the alphabet. A list every week, for 26 weeks, and in alphabetical order (I am an organized librarian, afterall).

So without further ado, I present to you a list of As:


I love to travel. To me, there is nothing more exciting than the promise & adventure of a new destination. I even enjoy airports; it's a people watcher's heaven. And when life gets you down? A trip that leads you to grass just a little different than your own can do wonders for the soul. I'm happy (and fortunate) that my new job allows for room & a budget for more travel. As I eagerly wait more vacation days.

About a Boy

Okay, so Hugh Grant is one of those actors who we can look past the hooker thing and still find room in our hearts to love. He's dashing. Debonair. And English. Really, the best type. And this was a Nick Hornby book! It's the perfect combination in my eyes. One of my top 10 favorite flicks (Side Note: I'm not much a movie watcher. So my list is never going to be filled with serious/foreign/and definitely not scary movies).

My best friend & I have a running joke where he likes to tell me that I don't love America. I think it really started a few summers ago when I did not wear red, white & blue on the 4th of July. Our views might not always be the same, and our gentle teasing has manifested itself into some pretty hilarious Christmas gifts. So I have to include America, or be yelled at for a few days as we play WordFeud.

So thanks, Leanne! And tell me, what do you like that begins with "A"?


List # 18


It's the first of February. And only a Tuesday. But work has been hectic and so far, the first day of our shortest month is almost over. One that was forecasted to bring a big bang, but barely made it's mark.

So for today? A list of things that happened on the 1st of February:

1. Placed a craft order at work for probably the most kick-ass spring line up of programs ever. Future programs are so much fun! My favorite: Elephant & Piggie Story Time (coming this month) and Baby Lapsit Come Back (in March).

2. Paid credit card bills. There is nothing really exciting about this, other than having the money to do this.

3. Booked my very first chiropractic appointment. I know that people have mixed feelings about chiropractors but my back is a world of knots, I sleep crooked and I now have the health insurance to cover this. Also, the receptionist had the same last name as I do so I'm taking that as a good sign. I'm pledging to take care of myself this year, physically and emotionally, so this one of the first steps.

4. Brought up Hulu, in bed, on my own for the first time. I missed the late night laughs we would have. But you know what? Modern Family will always be funny.

5. And then I watched this video. Which is awesome & hilarious because a.) I am a librarian and this type of enthusiasm is awesome b.) it's really creative and makes me laugh c.) it never ceases to amaze me that "I Like Big Butts" was once really controversial and now they use it as a parody for everything from middle school library videos, to Burger King, to diaper commercials. This makes me wonder what songs will be used in the same sense 20 years from now. (Many thanks to Rachel & Beth for sharing).

Seriously, what will they be using 20 years from now? My money is on R. Kelly's "Ignition."
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