List # 20

I'm late on the blogging thanks to an evening out with some of the best women to graduate from Allegheny College & be Kappas. And then thanks to a packet of paper work that was calling my name before my *first* chiropractor visit tomorrow.

So I'm not really ready to write a long & thoughtful post. So tonight you're getting a short list.

Things that can make a Librarian Happy during the Day:

1. Patient patrons who do not require their books to be checked in immediately upon entering the library.
2. Reference questions that extend beyond bathroom locations.
3. 1040 instruction booklets finally arriving in the mail.
4. Children & parents who truly enjoy story time.
5. Placing hold requests, and finding waiting lists, for books that aren't written by serial authors. No one needs another James Patterson book.

I'll leave you guessing as to which things happened today. I know you're that curious about the life of a local librarian.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh. Question #2 extends to our library's vending machine, which often prompts questions like "Can you get my chips out?" and "Do you have change for a ten?"

    On the plus side, a child who I hadn't seen for over a month came in on Monday and came straight to the children's desk when he saw me. "I just wanted to say hi," he said quietly.

    That made me smile.