Letter # 9

Dear One,

They say that you the loneliest number. And even though I hate to say it, in many ways it is true. You are a marker of time, and the first part of something new is always the hardest. The first day of school, the first year of high school, the first semester of college, etc. etc. And yes, certainly now.

But as this one closes, I find myself more focused on the numbers to come. They are filled with partners & parties. And a reminder that though I can often feel alone as one, there are friends near & far, that make sure one doesn't necessarily have to stay, that friendships bring mutiple reasons to be happy & that I am never truly alone.

I will gladly look to a future that doesn't include marking time. But I can handle the in-between. I can create my own memories & laugh. One doesn't stop me.

And you know what? My horoscope for this month is dead-on, new adventures are expected and peace is an emotion I am getting to know again.

Bye-bye, one. May the next January be not as tough.

Love Always,


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