List # 28

Tomorrow is Friday but I still have 2 days of work ahead. I'll be a Saturday Librarian making up for the Friday I took off for last weekend's travels. And it's been a very busy week, but I don't mind. Even if tonight has me feeling exhausted enough to fall asleep on the couch before The Office even started.

And lately, when a fit of the super tireds has really taken over my body, I just sort of go with it. I don't fight it, I don't try to juggle more activities, I let my body have rest. Because if I don't, I find that I just end up feeling more anxious about certain things twirling about in my life and I already do enough thinking without going off the deep end. There is only so much one can think about the things that cause us stress, no matter the source.

So tonight, I'm vowing to catch up on a few things this weekend:

1. I want to put away laundry. I still haven't fully unpacked from my travels (a snowstorm got in the way of my plans). And I am starting to feel disorganized. Which, for a person who is not all that personally organized, that is saying a lot.

2. I want to send postcards & letters to friends overseas. I want to welcome new bundles of baby, I want to send support to my struggling country of love. In general, I miss them.

3. I want to finish a very long book. The Lonely Polygamist to be exact.

4. I want to cook a meal my yet-to-be-used, got-it-for-Christmas Crock Pot. For my family.

5. And I want to catch up on Teen Mom.

Oh, Weekend. Be kind.


  1. Your weekend plans make me smile! Yes, catch up on Teen Mom, Leah and Corey will melt your heart and Jenelle and Chelsea will make you want to punch them in the heads. Also, check out the "365 Days of Slow Cooking" blog for cool crock pot recipes.

  2. I had super fun with you this weekend :) We must go out for dinner, work together, and order Applebees more often!

    I feel so blessed to be working with such a wonderful, beautiful, smart, and kind librarian. Who will listen and commiserate when I complain about my lazy brothers.