List # 26

I'm back, dear readers, from a well-deserved & well-needed pretty girls weekend in the big city & a snowy night from hell in the city I call home. There is a lot of stories to tell from both the the adventures, actually. But as much as I truly enjoying writing a blog and sharing very personal thoughts with an open world, there are some things that are better left to be told to good friends, face-to-face. Plus, I am really striving for this blog to be about emotions, goals, thoughts, memories, etc. and not just a retelling a of my daily events. Or at least I'm trying to give a different view on daily events.

But how do we play catch-up on a blog where I'm trying to post at least 5 x a week? I've decided to just write a list of some of the things to cross my mind between the last time we met & now.

1. Airports are the best general place that man has built. Sure, certain landmarks are better: The Acropolis, The Taj Mahal, et al. But as for a generic building? You can't ask for much better people watching & excitement combination than an airport.

2. What do you do when you discover that the album you have deemed your "Break-Up" go-to listen, is the very same one your ex is listening to every night? Because it just feels a little off to me that the same songs could be helping people on the opposite side of an emotional journey.

3. Friendships are journeys filled with twists & turns, new & old. And sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that let us open up & share secrets, memories, laughter & sadness with old friends that are only growing to become new & better friends.

4. I am a goal-oriented person.

5. There is nothing I dislike more than feeling helpless. I hate asking for help; I hate having to reach out and ask people to take care of me in any shape or form. And when I do this, like I had to last night, I become anxious & in turn can sometimes become snippy & the opposite of what I really feel. This struggle will one day become a blog post of its own when I finally build up the guts to write it.

6. No matter what has happened between myself & the best person I thought I knew, I still feel in all portions of my heart that he is a good guy. He's not malicious, he cares about so many people & I see this in him all of the time. It actually makes me even sadder when I think about it, that this deep level of kindness is no longer a part of my daily life, but I do hope he knows that I know this.

7. I am completely ready for spring & the adventures it has the potential to bring. I understand that they may not be all good adventures, but I'm ready for a new season to fit into. I need the sun to come out & make me believe that there is hope lying just on the horizon.

8. I want an honest-to-goodness, bring-me-to-my-knees, never-saw-this-coming first kiss.

9. Like always a good book & a good bath do wonders for the weary body & mind.

10. The Sacks Fifth Avenue shoe floor is a wondrous place that I never would have thought to visit. It's a place of beauty, energy, feminine spirit & girly fun. I want to go back & buy the best pair of librarian shoe porn I've ever seen.

Until tomorrow, my readers. Stay warm & smile.


  1. 3. Ditto. :)
    4. You sure are.
    8. Me too.
    10. You will, and so will I, and we will wear our amazing shoes out for another amazing night on the town.