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Questions & Answers with Brassy Librarian

Q: You're a librarian?! 
Once upon a time I was a teacher. It was lovely and nice but I needed a change and new course of direction in my life. And the library was it. I am the poster child of lucky when it comes to my profession. A volunteer who was asked to join staff turned full-time employee after graduate school and  right place at the right time for a kick-ass job. Yes, I have a Masters Degree and yes, I like to look cute when I'm checking in your books. 

Q: Why don't you write about your library very often?
I don't discuss my library very much because as a public librarian I am somewhat of a public figure. I don't want to be anonymous in writing this blog and letting my identity be known means that I am not going to trash talk my lovely patrons or tell you horror stories or life behind a reference desk. Yes, some days are bad. And yes, working with the public has it's struggles but at the end of the day, I really, really, really like being a librarian. And I want to keep my job. I chose to put librarian in the title of the blog because it is a very important part of who I am and how, for better or worse, I identify myself. Also, I just really like alliteration. Oh, and as always the opinions on this blog are my own and solely reflect myself, not my employer or community.

Q: Why did you start this blog?
I started this blog because a long-term relationship ended, very suddenly, on the first Monday night of a new year. It was a cold, dark winter with a lot of emotions and sick family members too. And then suddenly I found that if I wrote out what I was thinking, the pit inside my stomach shrunk just a wee bit until it wasn't there at all. By that point the blog has evolved into more than "pretty and smart girl gets her heart broken" and is what it is today.

Q: Why lists and letters?
Because besides a brief stint in blogging when I lived abroad in Greece, nothing I have started in the last few years as stuck. I got too wrapped up in the pressure and thought everything I wrote had to be perfect. It wasn't a shocker to me, this is how I generally react to the fancy journals friends and family give me for gifts too. But when I started writing lists and letters I found that my writing was more focused and I was able to be more truthful with what I was trying to say.

Q: How can I submit my own lists or letter?
I am always open to having others write their own list or letter and sharing it. In order for it to make an appearance on my blog the agreement is that I would write my own version of your list or letter too. It's a bit of sharing with a dash of inspiration. You can contact me here if you're interested. 


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