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It's the first of February. And only a Tuesday. But work has been hectic and so far, the first day of our shortest month is almost over. One that was forecasted to bring a big bang, but barely made it's mark.

So for today? A list of things that happened on the 1st of February:

1. Placed a craft order at work for probably the most kick-ass spring line up of programs ever. Future programs are so much fun! My favorite: Elephant & Piggie Story Time (coming this month) and Baby Lapsit Come Back (in March).

2. Paid credit card bills. There is nothing really exciting about this, other than having the money to do this.

3. Booked my very first chiropractic appointment. I know that people have mixed feelings about chiropractors but my back is a world of knots, I sleep crooked and I now have the health insurance to cover this. Also, the receptionist had the same last name as I do so I'm taking that as a good sign. I'm pledging to take care of myself this year, physically and emotionally, so this one of the first steps.

4. Brought up Hulu, in bed, on my own for the first time. I missed the late night laughs we would have. But you know what? Modern Family will always be funny.

5. And then I watched this video. Which is awesome & hilarious because a.) I am a librarian and this type of enthusiasm is awesome b.) it's really creative and makes me laugh c.) it never ceases to amaze me that "I Like Big Butts" was once really controversial and now they use it as a parody for everything from middle school library videos, to Burger King, to diaper commercials. This makes me wonder what songs will be used in the same sense 20 years from now. (Many thanks to Rachel & Beth for sharing).

Seriously, what will they be using 20 years from now? My money is on R. Kelly's "Ignition."
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