List # 25

Today was one of those days where emotions were all over the place. I don't even really know how it happened because honestly, I woke up with some pep in my step & feeling good in a new dress. But even the best days can have a few moments in them.

I have been wondering what to write tonight, but being witty or retrospective seems like too much work tonight. Honestly, today was just a day where things happened & emotions were felt.

1. My morning barista told me that I looked nice today & that he even liked my scarf. And you know what? I want more compliments in my life. Not in the begging for them way, but just in that kind, going to take time to acknowledge someone way. And I'm giving more of them too.

2. Today was the first day I have ever *seriously* considered leaving Facebook. I know that what I am about to say will, to some, simply sound bitter & jealous. But before Facebook, a single person never had to worry about the constant reminders of what is "missing" in his/her life. But after a few days of photos of gifts/flowers/rings/trips/messages to significant others/etc. I just had to turn away. I can honestly say that I am very, very happy for you. But sometimes I'm just grow weary of how much it has all become a competition.

3. I had over 30 toddlers come to my story time this morning. That's right, over 30 toddlers in one room. With 20-some parents in tow. If that's not an insanely awesome way to start your morning, I'm not sure what else is.

4. I found my good day fading this evening when I was in the hospital visiting my Dad. Suddenly, I felt as if my good mood could only last so long. And I was so sad to be leaving work and not come home to a smiling face. Or I felt the undeniable urge to play Scrabble with a boy, or laugh as we cooked dinner together. I've reached the point where I miss the "coupley" things before I miss the person. Maybe?

5. Eating dinner in the sunshine & having a reasonably attractive man keep making eye contact with you as he conducts an interview is thrilling. In the most harmless way possible, but it was still kind of cute.

Here's to more smile, lovelies.

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