List # 29

Oh, Oscar night. Some say that a girl's wedding day is the day she dreams about her whole life. But for this girl, The Academy Awards have always been a steady day dream of mine. Who wants to dream of a white dress when you can dream of colors & fabrics & designers?

So tonight's list is a lists of things I would do if I was ever invited to the Academy Awards. A girl can dream, right?

1. I would take Robert Downey, Jr., Colin Firth, Mark Ruffalo & Christian Bale as my dates. They could rotate duties & just tell me how smart/sexy/gorgeous I am all night.

2. I'd want to sing a duet on the Oscar stage. Never mind that I can't sing. But let's make it count. I want to sing with Randy Newman. He is nominated almost every year anyway, so I'm sure he'd be there.

3. I'd win an award for Best Actress (go big or go home) and give the most amazing speech. And because I'd be nervous, I'm sure I would swear.

4. Anne Hathaway & I would sit next to each other for the whole show & giggle about the terrible dresses. But we're actually really nice people, so we wouldn't say anything mean. And we'd vocal about our desire to let the writers/sound mixers/etc. be given proper amount of time to thank their loved ones.

5. I'd dance the night away at all of the after parties. Making out with my dates, of course. And maybe Scarlet if she is still wearing that dress. Also, Anne Hathaway and I would bond over bourbon & be best friends for life.

Silly day dreams, I know. But you know what? It's Oscar night, who cares.

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  1. Iron Man, the Hulk, Batman, Catwoman, AND Black Widow? I didn't know you were such a comics geek.