List # 30

A few weeks ago I said that I was going to blog about my favorite things from A to Z. And so far, I've managed to blog about...A. Since I'm feeling icky tonight, with cramps and a serious case of the "I want to stay in bed, listen to sad music & listen to the wind in spring" I figured tonight was a good night to move on to the next letter of our alphabet.

Without further ado, I present to you my 3 favorite things that start with B. None of them having to do with boys, break-ups or baseball. And actually, 3 of my all-time favorite things just happen to be B's.

1. Books

An obvious choice, I know. But books are such an important part of not only my identity, but my peace. I read every day. Of course I read bits of the newspaper, a virtual stack of blogs, email, etc. but I also read at least a few pages of a book every day. My favorite books are always changing & I am usually always reading more than one title at a time. Books have always served as a "best friend" for as long as I can remember & I'm lucky that I get to incorporate something that gives me so much joy in my daily life. They are just a part of me I don't want to ever get rid of. The other day a friend jokingly askedwhat my safe haven was (thanks to autocorrect & text messaging) and I answered "Any place with books & my bubbie." Which brings us to another B item.

2. My Bubbie

Just an FYI that is picture is about as close to I can find that capture's the bubbie's original looks. He has seen better days & is ragged anymore. And I'm sure there are some people who would say I should be embarrassed about this post. But you know what? I'm my 29 years, I've met more people who are proud that they still have/love/cherish their baby item than I have met people who laughed at me. And sure, we can blame pushover parents who couldn't take a comfort object away. But you know what? I'm not giving it up & it's sticking around. Enough said.

3. Butterflies
Another love of mine since I was very little (and when you throw "birds" into the mix, it was tough choosing a third B). I have small collection of butterfly themed things friend & family have given me over the years: crystal, earrings, purses, framed collections and more. I couldn't really tell you why I love them so much but I think it has to do with their perfect symmetry, their bright colors & their ability to flutter around and explore each day. I've always said that a butterfly is the only tattoo I'd consider getting, if only so many other girls didn't share the same opinion. Oh well, no regrets.

B might prove to be my easiest letter out of the 26. But what about you? Any favorite B things? Please share!


  1. Butterfinger ice cream
    Bumblebee (Transformers)
    And...something else that might be considered sexist. *cough*

  2. Of course, I have to list blogs (not all, but many many, yours included!); banjo players (I'm not fond of banjo music, but something about a person who worked hard to learn the banjo makes me happy); I love the bratpack (oh, my emotional teenage years...); I love our backyard (especially because Maki does all the gardening and I work on the enjoying!); and man, I REALLY love bread. Like, a lot-n-stuff. :)

  3. Shan! That is what my Beatsie used to look like, only it was pink. Now it is dingy gray with a big hole in it and no silk around the edges. (Sometimes, my fam still calls it my "Silky" since his original name was "Silky Beatsie."