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Happy Valentine's Day.

And while this day probably meant flowers & candy & romantic dinners for many. It meant just another Monday for me, with some tween angst thrown in at an Anti-Valentine's Day party. We trashed romance novels & talked about how Taylor Swift only makes songs about falling in love & breaking up, because "she dates too many people."

Instead of focusing on the mushy, I'm going to blaze some empowerment tonight. As I present my Top 5 Songs that Make Me Feel Awesome Playlist:

1. Naughty Girl, Beyonce: The obvious choice here is Single Ladies, but I'd much rather flaunt my own sexiness than be singing to the guy that he should have put a ring on it. Of course he should have put a ring on it, because I'm sexy, awesome and would gladly be naughty.

2. Uncharted, Sara Bareilles: Okay, so I am on a Sara Bareilles kick, I've made that clear before. But this songs makes me feel good about not knowing how this is all going to sort itself out. It will get better, I will find love again and I might as well just enjoy the ride.

3. Hips Don't Lie, Shakira: Like all women, I have issues with my body. But I've reached a point in my life where I am finally in love with it most of the time. I'm curvy, I love my breasts (though they are not small & humble like Shakira's) and I love my hips. If you're on board with that, then you just might be able to handle me.

4. F*ck You, Cee-Lo: Because really, how can you be getting over a love of your life and not want to blast this song on repeat all day long?! The verses may not even have all that much to do with my own situation, but damn! I get all pumped and energized after hearing it. You don't want to be with me? Well, alright...listen to Cee-Lo, you'll get the message.

5. Dirrty, Christina Aguilera: Hearing this song, no matter if I'm home alone, riding my bike, at a wedding, always makes me happy to be single. It's a celebration of of feeling the sexy & throwing elbows.

It's about time for my arrival.

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  1. Dirrty is a fav of mine, too. Reminds me of dropping it low at the SG on a random weeknight...