Letter # 10

Dear Week Leading up to St. Valentine's Day,

Yep, I know, love is in the air. And we should all be buying our Valentines heart-shaped jewelry from Kay/Jared/any other big box store that is the same across the country. You also suggest golf outings for the men, or some other silly nonsense.

But let me share a secret with you, those gifts suck. And actually, this whole week has been a big ball of annoying & I'm ready to move on to the rest of February now. Is this a bit of the single-girl blues talking? Of course it is.

But I've never been the number one fan of Valentine's Day. I like pink & hearts & having fun with the kids at the library, but never thought much needed to be done at home. And as for gifts? Well, the only guy I ever dated who liked golf was really, really boring and a big prude.

But you know what I love about it? A simple card (Hallmark, of course) and this year, good break-up music. Because I still miss him, though I'm trying very hard to keep him out of mind.
I welcome February 15th (or even better, the 18th). Bring on days that don't remind me of snuggled-in snowstorms. And let me wear pretty dresses.

Because you know what? Lots of us are single & awesome. We don't really want your heart-shaped necklaces designed by the Medicine Woman.

After all, I've always been an Etsy girl.




  1. I always hate it when people ask me "So, what are you and Tom doing for Valentine's Day?" because the answer is always nothing. I hate Valentine's Day!

    (but if I had the money and we exchanged gifts, he would love a golf outing...)

  2. I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY! (Or VD, as I so affectionately refer to it.) Always have, always will. I believe in showing the person you love that you love them everyday, including yourself. Not because some greeting card company/ society says you should.