List #182: Second Anniversaries

It's my Second Blog Anniversary! Yay! 

On January 4, 2010 I started writing in this space because I was confused and cold. Then I lived a life, grew, lost, had fun, made mistakes, laughed a lot and then I wrote a few letters to celebrate a one year anniversary on January 4, 2011.

Another year passed. I traveled, I kissed, I moved on, I cried, I laughed, I ran, I moved, I fell, I made more mistakes, and bought new dresses. And then suddenly I arrived at two years.

Since I first started this blog, I finally figured out:

  • How Reddit works.
  • That sometimes the one you want isn't what is best.
  • My favorite types of wine.
  • How to keep amazing friends close, and cut the ones who weren't there.
  • What I like to sleep in.
  • How to tweet.
  • Dancing in the living room is always a blast. 
  • How to flirt a little better.
  • What missing really means.
  • That an old city still holds new people and places to discover.
  • That it's okay to say no.
  • That saying yes isn't a contract.
  • There is nothing wrong with quiet.
  • How to up it where it counts. 
  • Sleeping together always beats sleeping alone.
  • How to hide secrets.
  • To let go.
  • Happiness.
But I'm still trying to figure out:
  • How to speak up for myself.
  • The art of forgiving.
  • How to not be confused.
  • Just what you want from me.
  • How to say no.
  • Why tights snag.
  • Filters.
  • Love.
  • How to cook scrambled eggs.
  • Why I am a sucker.
  • How to quit someone.
  • Just why I should go to bed early. 
  • What the future holds.
  • How to stop biting my nails.
  • Me, you, and everyone in between.
I still can't believe I've been blogging for two years. Two years of lists and letters and everything in-between  I am sort of in shock that I've stuck with it. But here we are.

I've met so many wonderful people through this blog and just have to thank you for reading. I don't know where I am going in 2013, but I look forward to sharing it with you.

And I hope you, like me, find yourself smiling a little more and find life a little happier than when you first found your way here. 


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