List #183: How You Got Here

When I take the time to check the statistics on this blog my favorite thing to read are search terms you used to land yourself here. 

A short list of my favorites:
  • Tim Riggins Clothes 
  • West Wing Birthday
  • Scott Pelley's Water Eyes (#1 in the Google search for this, BTW. Which is another most hilarious thing.)
  • Adam Levine Penis
  • Librarian Tights Blog
  • Hipster Hair
  • How to draw Seneca Crane's Beard
  • Patriotic Girls
  • Pencil skirt with pantyhose
  • 2 brothers guitars beards
And sometime over the summer someone got here by doing a search that had something to do with naked librarians and rafts and pools. I forget the details, but the person didn't find what they were looking here.

Keep on with those awesome search terms, readers. And I hope you find the information your seeking. 

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