Letter #30: Anniversaries

Today is my blog anniversary! Yay!

On January 4, 2011 I started this blog because I felt lonely and lost. Through 190 posts in the past year, it's been quite a ride. And what started as a small way for me to gain control of my feelings during a very dark winter turned into a very big source of creativity. 

And what better way to mark the occasion than a few letters.

Dear Blog,
Remember a year ago when I started you through tears and insomnia, late at night, solo in bed? I was scared and you were a blank slate. For awhile there I felt as if you were the only sane and consistent then i could hold on to and call my own. You were, quite simply, a chance for me tell my story and not feel inhibited. Thank you for helping me rediscover my love of writing. Thank you for introducing me to knew friends. Thank you for helping me not only on, but above. Looking forward to year two.

Dear Readers,
Some of you have been here from the beginning. Reaching this page through Facebook links or Twitter feeds. I still have every messages that so many of you sent. Perhaps those were just little notes to you, but hearing your faith in me fueled my strength. And some of you, readers, are new. Many I've never met but come here regularly to read to comment to connect. And I want to be friend with all of you.

Dear Friends,
Without you, I wouldn't have survived. I'm always going to be the friend who asks silly questions over brunch and I love that you love that about me. Thank you for letting me cry, but more importantly, thank you for laughing with me. Love, just lots and lots of love.

Dear New Friends,
There is no way that I would have ever imagined meeting new people through this blog and social media sites. But I have and continue to and it's been entirely so much fun. Perhaps I tweet too much, or maybe I overshare here, but at least I know I have company. And have found more people who love to create and connect.

Dear Men of 2011,
I don't think any of you read this blog, so I am comfortable saying things. You gave me flirtation in the middle of the work day, reasons to look extra special in the middle of the week, you let me create rules, you asked me out, you were a mess, you were boring, you stared at my chest, you told me jokes, you listened to my stories, you brought lively sex back into my life, you gave me a tinge of hope. And all of that? Helped. A lot.

Dear Me,
I hope you always feel bubbly when you recognize how happy you are. 

So thanks, dear readers, for a year of blogging. A year can make a whole lot of a difference and I can't wait to see where the next one takes us.

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