List #2

Things I Know to Be True as of January 4, 2011:

1. I am a Librarian with a new job that I love.
2. My heart walked away one day after work.
3. I have new co-workers who are supportive and understanding.
4. There are more people than I was aware of who are looking out for my well-being.
5. I have cried over 30 times in the last 24 hours, I'm sure of it.
6. My memories of the holidays have been warped.
7. I am glad that my family is healthy & together.
8. I have friends who can always be counted on & swoop down in times of crisis.
9. I love comfy socks.
10. Tylenol PM should work.

Tomorrow's Goal: Do not cry before 6 pm.

And so here we are, one list every day to keep me focused on what is going on and what is good. It's a way for me to stay focused on the horizon. Because I'm not 22 anymore and I know I will be okay, but there isn't a fast-forward button and everyone needs something that keeps them sane and motivated.

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