List #268: Our House is a Very Fine House

It's been a  busy spring around here. A lot of birthdays to celebrate, occasions to attend, work has stepped into high gear, and we bought a house.

This our home now. Tucked behind some great, big evergreens and a backyard with enough room to play. A porch to read and grill on, and big windows to watch the rain. 

Before we got the keys in hand, our house really only owned by one family for over 50 years. Built in the 1930s, with a few additions along the way, it's where we are now chasing a toddler around and spending (not-so) lazy mornings together. It needs some tender love and care, obviously. Her bones are solid but old.

But you could say we are a bit in love. 

Here's what's been happening in the first few weeks of living here:
  • We lost a cat.
  • Then found a cat.
  • Two refrigerators have been installed.
  • Bamboo has started to really take root.
  • Patio furniture was built. 
  • An umbrella was assembled.
  • Hot dogs have been grilled.
  • Balls have been tossed over the porch.
  • And fetched.
  • Holidays have been celebrated
  • Birthday gifts exchanged.
  • A dining room set was inherited.
  • Floors have been scrubbed.
  • Walks have been taken.
  • Walls painted.
  • Beds have been broken in.
  • Cable has been cut.
  • Lots of Gordon Ramsey has been watched.
  • Books are being read.
  • Laundry (in a new machine) washed.
  • Early bedtimes continue.
Just in case you were wondering what was happening over here. This is pretty much it. 

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