List #267: Reaons I Dislike April

There are a lot of good things that happen in April. Mostly some of the people I love the most were born this month. And I always enjoy celebrating the birthdays of loved ones. But I'm coming clean with a dirty little secret, I hate April. In fact, it might just be my least favorite month. 

April is the worst, here's why.

  • April Showers. 
  • Trying to remember to pack an umbrella nearly every day of the week.
  • Always feeling sticky and damp.
  • There are no good hair days in April.
  • Long days and long nights filled with a lot of responsibility. 
  • Never feeling comfortable after shedding winter layers.
  • Not having the money to spend on an entire new wardrobe.
  • No big trips happen in April.
  • Sinuses. 
  • Allergies.
  • Cats going bonkers at nesting mourning doves outside bedroom and office windows.
  • Breaking in flats.
  • Blisters.
  • Growing tired of hot drinks in the morning.
  • Cold mornings that still require hot drinks.
Perhaps I'm just being a curmudgeon. But I'm going on record; spring is my least favorite season. It's moody and unpredictable. I'm over you April, I want the May flowers.

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