List #254: The End of Summer

And suddenly it was Labor Day. And September rushed in with humidity and high temperatures and rain storms that flooded patios. 

When I think about Summer 2014 in a few years, I think it will all just come at me in one big blur. Because honestly, I barely remember what I was doing back in June. This summer was filled with so many events that finding the balance between quiet and loud was nearly impossible. Work was too much at times, and home was just as hectic. There are so many things I didn't get to do either by myself, or with the BF, with our little family, with friends: go boating on a lake, walk around the rivers. see more Pirates games, have drinks on a rooftop, swim in a pool, and probably so much more. 

But I was busy because so much of my time was taken up by good things. Sometimes it's good to be busy because it means you're leading a life full of purpose, love, and activity. And that is how I want to remember Summer 2014. 

Summer 2014, I hope to always remember:
  • The long morning and evening walks around my corner of the city. 
  • Family snuggles as the sun rose on early morning.
  • Getting stuck in a rainstorm that broke two umbrellas.
  • Trips to the zoo and amazement inside the aquarium.
  • Unplanned semi-fancy dinners on Friday nights.
  • Falling asleep at an embarrassingly early hour.
  • Growing herbs and flowers on our little concrete porch.
  • Hot nights and glasses of wine.
  • Running around in my parents' backyard for the first time in ages.
  • First steps.
  • Trying to save money.
  • Sunset Beach, NC
  • Dreaming the endless possibilities that our future might hold.
Summer 2014, you were a good one. But now it is September. Oh, how I love September.


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