List #255: Thing I Think About While Watching Sunday Night Football

Like most of America, I'm having a hard time with the NFL right now. And yes, because of some very specific instances that have occurred in the past few weeks, our patience with football is wearing thing. But really, we've been on the appalled by some of their behavior for awhile now.  Even my beloved Steelers have tarnished the black and gold in ways that I can't really reconcile with my fandom. The NFL is making us mad, sad, disappointed, and disgusted. 

But still, I am sitting on the couch on a Sunday night watching my team. I won't pretend to have the answers to fix the behavior of the NFL and its players. But I will admit that I'm one of those fans who is disgusted, but still playing Fantasy Football and watching (at least some of) the Steelers games each week.

A lot of things run through my mind as I watch Sunday Night Football in 2014:
  • I have no desire to pay to see a Steelers game this year.
  • I would not turn down free tickets, however.
  • I really think the Steelers need new coaches.
  • I'm still very thankful that my team doesn't mess with that Cheerleader nonsense.
  • The Sunday New York Times is entirely too much paper to read in one day.
  • Pretty sure Gatorade is my new favorite drink.
  • Ironing clothes for work the night before is both the best and worst thing.
  • 9:00 pm is far too late in the day to be wearing a bra.
  • I will not be getting the new iPhone.
  • Fall breezes at night are the best.
  • I really need to get a fall candle to burn.
  • I spent many many hours of this weekend listening to back episodes of My Brother, My Brother and & Me. 
  • It's possible my entire Fantasy teams will suck all season long.
  • Is there anyone in America that enjoys listening to Cris Collinsworth on Sunday evenings?
  • I am far too old and tired to stay up for an entire Sunday Night Football game anymore.
And with that, let's hope the Steelers can win. 

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