List #253: Current Crushes

It's been long established that when I like something, I typically like it A LOT. We're talking obsession levels of liking things. And this summer has been no exception.

Currently, I am crushing on the following:

Chris Pratt
I am probably the number one Parks and Recreation fan. I have watched every episode of the series at least three times (and probably more like six) and I've been a fan of Chris Pratt's Andy since he was living in a pit. But Guardians of the Galaxy has made me feel things Chris Pratt that were just little rumblings before. He may be happily married, but I will say this...Chris Pratt can tell me I have network connectivity problems all day long. 

Salted Caramel Core Ice Cream
Remember how Ross Gellar didn't like ice cream? Well yeah, there is a reason I actually kind of like Ross Gellar. Ice cream is NOT my favorite summertime treat. But then 2014 happened and Ben & Jerry's made this delight. And I cannot get enough. Thank goodness it's a little hard to keep stocked on grocer shelves because I'd be in serious trouble. But I'm so very grateful for the Boyfriend who sometimes has the foresight and kindness to buy two and hide one in the back of the fridge until I need to give into the cravings. 

All About That Bass 
I first heard this song thanks to Spotify in the middle of a long work day. I then played it three more times. And now I play it at least once a day. I love that we are living in a time where we are starting to push back on societal view that we all women have to be thin. It's great to have curves and I love when women and girls are encouraged to embrace them. I love mine. And yes, I understand that some people are annoyed that this song has to bring men's opinions of curves into loving one's own body. But honestly? I'm not that bothered by it. It's catchy, it still has a good message, and I agree....in my experience men really do love a little more booty to hold at night.

Orange is the New Black
I read this book years ago. And though I found it an interesting story, I wasn't particularly keen on the main character and so, I really had no interest in the show. But after so many people I trust talking positively about it, I gave it a show one Friday afternoon. And then I was hooked. Now, going to jail for something I didn't do or going to jail for a horrible accident is one of my top fears. This show is doing nothing to ease any anxiety. I'm actually enforcing a personal hiatus from the show becomes my dreams have become jail-infused and often include me playing bingo with the ladies. 

What about you dear readers, anything that you're crushing on? Share in the comments, please! 

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