List #233: Lunchtime Obsessions, #1

One of my strangest personality quirks is my habit of becoming obsessed with something until I can no longer stand it. I will listen, eat, play, talk something until it's close to death. Then I'll fool around with it a little more. Until nope, done. Not touching it ever again.

I'm my own worst enemy most of the time. And this is surely one of the reasons why. Am I OCD? Probably not. But I'm pretty sure I'm just a few inches from the borderline at times.

What am I obsessing over this week?
  • Einstein Brother's Southwestern Vegetarian Soup (with quinoa)
  • Clementines (not Halos or Cuties, but by referring to them as their actual name)
  • This song
Story of My Life ~ One Direction
(I have never watched this video, but the screen shot show it's clearly inspired by *NSync)
  • Conditioning my hair with coconut oil
  • Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show
  • Making sure the nightlight is on in the bathroom
Yeah, I'm an odd bird. I've embraced it.

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