List # 232: The Things that I Am Opting Not to Put Effort Into This Week

This past Friday, a coworker asked me a simple question. "Should this craft supply go back into our craft supply closet?" 

...there was a reported 7 second pause.

"Yes," I answered.

...15 minutes later.

"Where are those craft supplies," I asked.

To say I was having a rough day on Friday is a bit of understatement. Storytime grandmothers were asking why I looked "extraordinarily exhausted." And I was the crankiest partner ever to the the boyfriend. Seriously, he has the patience of a saint because I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to throttle me across the room. Eventually, a 9:30pm bedtime and a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and goings about Pittsburgh solved the cranks. 

But suddenly it was Monday again. Filled with forgotten meetings, too many phone calls, strange requests, stress-induced headaches, all of those things that come in from left field, lonely couches, diets, and all of the things that can't even be predicted because it is, after all, only Monday.

So because all of the world seems to be moving at a fast pace and I'm not one of those lucky residents who get to take a winter break to golden beaches, clear water, and warm sun, I'm choosing to limit my efforts this week. 

In this last week of February, I'm choosing not to waste energy on:
  • Caring about the Oscars. I'll watch because I want to see what people are wearing. And maybe because of Ellen. But the rest of it? Meh.
  • Thinking about what librarians wear. I like what I wear. And it's enough trying to iron that every night before I sleep.
  • The WWE. I don't really think of this often anyway, but there seemed to be a lot of buzz about wrestling today.
  • Money. I mean, I'm always stressed about this, but I'm choosing to spend less time thinking about it this week. 
  • People who are still mad USA lost in Olympic hockey. Sure, I was sad for our players, but every game has a loser. Let's just get that gold in 4 years.
  • The Bachelorette. Like Survivor, I'm always shocked this show is still on TV.
  • Bedtimes. But not necessarily in the fun way. If I feel like going to bed at 8:30 pm, then so be it.
And with that, I'm probably off to get under the covers now. 

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