List #234: 28 Things for February

The universe agrees that February is our worst month. Very few good things truly come out of our shortest month. This year, as it makes its exit, we're bracing for a winter storm (albeit with a due date of March). And frankly, that just seems like the perfect way to say goodbye to February. Well, add some good old fashioned ruminating and you've got...exactly what happens in February.

So, here are things I've been thinking about over the past month:

  • Why can't we find the time to watch the last ten minutes of Despicable Me 2
  • How can I become friends with Joe Biden. 
  • I really truly feel that I can never own enough cardigans.
  • The sadness I will feel with How I Met Your Mother is over. 
  • Radley Cat, please stop doing all of the crazy things you do all night.
  • The innate ability of radio stations to perpetually be three days behind in popular culture news.
  • Where does a librarian go for trusted professional device? 
  • Making out never gets old.
  • More Olympics, please.
  • Sidney Crosby can never do wrong.
  • Why yes, I am sometimes scared to sleep alone.
  • I must, must, must lock the door.
  • Oscars? Blah.
  • Let's press the snooze button two more times.
  • A dog, wearing a sweater, and carrying something on his butt on Liberty Ave., Downtown Pittsburgh.
  • Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong.
  • I must learn all of the words to this song
  • Things that need to be accomplished before bedtime.
  • Pillow fight!
  • Planning a first birthday party.
  • Daydreaming of Chicago.
  • Daydreaming of the beach.
  • Daydreaming of reading books on the beach.
  • Girl Scout Cookies
Here's to getting through the weekend, this storm, and the rest of winter. And coming out safe and happy. 

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