List #231: So Many of the Things that I Love Today

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I have been a little stressed out lately. Work has many different projects being juggled right now, all awesome, but there is a lot to handle. I'm moving and finally closing out my apartment, but our storage unit is full. I'm reducing the amount of rent that I pay, but I'm trying to straighten out financial missteps from the past. The boyfriend is traveling a lot for work. I blow my nose more than two dozen times a day. I am having trouble sleeping. The list goes on and on. 

Surely, a lot of this is the February blues. And a lot of is the normal amount of anxiety I typically harness just exaggerated because I worry about the little things and there are a whole lot of little things mixed in with just a few big ones. 

But the other day a friend suggested I think about three things that are currently making me happy, to stub all of the other thoughts out in a hush. 

So because I need to harness the happy, I'm writing down the things that I love right now. Given that I already love my friends, my family, and the two adorable men that live with me, here is what else is out there:

Today, I loved:
  • How a good friend surprised me for storytime and for lunch.
  • And then how that good friend surprised me and ordered a grande latte instead of my requested tall.
  • The pink polka dot dress I wore today.
  • Packages on my doorstep.
  • What felt like the first rays on sun shining on Pittsburgh in weeks.
  • How I didn't button my coat when I left work this evening.
  • Getting the gumption to try coconut oil on my hair.
  • Long distance calls over dinner.
  • Cleaning my closets.
  • Organizing freshly washed laundry.
  • Helping my friend solve a small problem.
  • The unexpected amount of time this afternoon that allowed me to get a lot of work done.
  • The toddlers' storytime enthusiasm.
  • Just how cute Jimmy Fallon is. 
  • More Winter Olympics coverage.
  • This sentimental and sweet goodbye to Seth Myers from the SNL writers and cast. 
  • Big blankets and lots of pillows.
  • Ira Glass's voice on my morning commute.
  • The way my cat sleeps with his belly pointed up in the air on the living room chair.
  • Positive notes from people I don't even know.
  • The friendliness of friends that exist only through social media. 
  • Writing.
Here's to finding more things to love about tomorrow. And a good night's sleep. 

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