List #230: What We Talk About When The Snow Won't Melt

George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun keeps popping into my head. On the cold morning commute, when I'm watching men slide down a long and winding path of ice, when I'm rubbing my feet together between the sheets.

There haven't been too many winters in Pittsburgh where it feels like cold and snow is not just the forecast, but a state of being. This winter feels more like my college days when we'd have to trudge across campus in feet, day after day. And where too much snow on a Friday night might just be enough to keep you inside with computer games and videos.

Winter has taken hold of our bones and until it lets go, this is what is on our minds:

  • Johnny Weir's Olympic fashion choices
  • How horribly awful some people 
  • The absolute no need for 50 Shades of Grey teddy bears
  • Pregnancy announcements/gender reveals/birth announcements
  • How ridiculous the cat is
  • Patriotic babies
  • Bob Costas' eyes
  • Which winter game we would excel in
  • How people don't understand Beats audio
  • How jealous I am of your winter beach vacation
  • Why I am so cold
  • What in the world is taking the Chinese food delivery so long
  • The large amounts of laundry that need to be done
  • Bode Miller
  • How dry my hand are
  • When are we all going on vacation
  • Books that keep us up at night
  • All sorts of things about Anna and Bates and Lady Edith
  • Meryl and Charlie
  • How awesome Canada is
  • All of the hours of tired
  • Icy noses, icy toes, icy hands
So I'm trying to stay warm. And hope you are too. Spring isn't too far off now, right? 

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