List # 232: Songs of Christmas, Number One and Two

Now that it really is truly the time for Christmas, I've been listening to carols and mustering the energy to decorate. I'm fixing myself to be jolly even when the daily part of my life has me feeling a little frazzled and anxiously awaiting payday. So, in hopes that you'll join in and find more than your normal amount of cheer this year, I'm going to list a few of my favorite Christmas songs and carols and recall whatever memories just happen to cross my mind when I listen to them over and over and over again. And the way they make me feel.
Up first, arguably my most favorite. If I were the type of person to have a favorite. 
Wham ~ Last Christmas

This is the Christmas song that I turn up and sing loudly. It's the perfect blend of campy and heart-breaking. It reminds me of buying the Christmas tree a few weeks before the first big break up. Of swearing to have a little more to show off next year. Of wishing that maybe at Christmas a ski chalet awaits instead of limited time off paired with slushy snow. It reminds me of every ex I have ever known during the holiday season and how my heart felt as lonely as George's.

One ~ Last Christmas
Pair it with the above version, and I'm reminded of preparing for a Christmas in a tiny apartment in a foreign country. I'm taken back to a time when I was younger than I realized and more homesick than I'd admit. It reminds me of drifting off on a bus ride to Athens on the night before Christmas Eve. It's showing Christmas movies to students. Rushing off to the town square for hot chocolate and spirits. It's ordering fast food and watching this video on a loop on the first flat screen TV I'd ever seen. It's the quick blur of colored lights next to the sea. It's rushing off on an foreign island to find Christmas gifts for the friends from home. And eating Christmas dinner inside an ancient castle.
So dear readers, are you a Last Christmas fan? Shout your love in the comments.

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