List #231: Thankful

When I lived in Greece many years ago, I asked my students what they thought Thanksgiving was about in America. They told me it was America's way to practice for Christmas.

The holiday homesickness was settling in around that time. I would not be returning home for Christmas and knowing that all of my loved ones were busy doing American things was sad. So I got my friends together and we had a Thanksgiving party in biggest apartment. We bought chicken breasts, I cooked some type of couscous dish, we had green beans (maybe), and corn, and wine. Someone brought Ferrer Roche and it was warm enough for us to be able to drink on the balcony.  Actually, I think it was really starting to get cold that night, but we went out on the balcony anyway.

That year I was thankful for Greek beaches, Vodophone, retzina, new friends, weekends off, and family and friends who wrote me emails, chatted with me on AOL Instant Messenger, and supported my adventure. Often when I think about that time now, I can't believe I actually did it. It seems so far away, so much a part of life that was almost like a movie. I was watching it all unfold, experiencing the plot twists, but the fine details seem blurry now like I almost didn't touch them at all.

Lots of things have happened since the year I tried to share American tradition with the Brits, the French, and the Greek. And there is so much more for which to be thankful:

  • Family. Who make me laugh, always support my decisions, and cheer on new directions.
  • Friends. Who feel like family.
  • The boyfriend. Who makes me laugh, is so kind and considerate, and who likes to read in bed too.
  • A baby. Who is nothing but giggles and smiles.
  • My job. That is fulfilling and thrilling and different every day.
  • Radley Cat. Who is so ridiculous that his favorite toys are coffee stirs and bottle brushes.
  • A warm house. With bright windows and a big couch. 
  • Great coworkers. Who are good teammates and often friends. 
  • Books. Because I appreciate the freedom to read and learn.
And, a whole bunch of small things that kind of sound like a list that could be written at preschool storytime:

  • lip gloss, a fixed desk chair, conditioner, gloves, scented candles, Chinese takeout, tights, flowers, Coca-cola, tea, board games, dresses, the Sunday paper, and purses.
Happiest of Thanksgivings to you. 

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