List #224: Christmas Songs, Number Four


Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan ~ I Wish It Was Christmas Today
And here because the video won't embed.
I'm in that minority of people who have never really stopped watching Saturday Night Live. I started viewing regularly as a teenager, was obsessed in college, and kept right on chugging through good casts and bad casts and every cast in between. And in the joyous days of the late 2000s, this gem was born. Everything that is great about SNL is included here:  a goofy idea, buddies being silly, choking back laughter, snow, and of course, dinosaur noises.
I listen to this song through grainy YouTube videos regularly during the holiday season. It makes me laugh and let's me chat with friends about how funny these men are, how Jimmy Fallon once mistakenly called a girl a boy through an entire stand-up set at our college, and how hot Horatio Sanz got. I cross my fingers every year that Jimmy Fallon will come back and host the Christmas episode of SNL. And then I watch live, hoping that these alums will come back to silently dance and play the keyboard and warm my heart with Christmas spirit.
He's hosting this year, with Justin Timberlake as musical guest. So I will be staying up and watching, of course. And they better play this song. Sure, Dick in the Box was legendary. But this one is the spirit of the season.
Heck, even Salon wrote about it. And I love their idea for the future.

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