List #225: Christmas Songs, Number 5

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel ~ Various Artists
But here, Kelly Clarkson

I went to Catholic school for eight years. And if you ever were a Catholic school child during Advent, you know well that the mornings begin with the lighting of the Advent wreath.  And at least in my school, the requirement that all students sing this song in a dark hallway together. 

I'm not a particularly religious person now that I'm an adult. Spiritual,  yes, but  I'm certainly not a practicing Catholic. Yet, any version of Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel stirs me more than it ever did as a student on cold December mornings. I love it now not because I carry on Advent traditions in my own home, but because it reminds me of my childhood Christmases. How childhood friendships felt so absolute and how teachers would play Christmas carols on cassette tapes before class began. 

So even though I won't be in church on Christmas Eve this year, and even though I don't even know where one would buy an Advent Wreath. I'm going to turn the volume up each time I hear this song. 

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