List #228: Boyfriends and Cats

When I first adopted my cat Radley last fall, I had some visions of how I saw the whole thing playing out.

  • My cat would be the best cat.
  • My apartment would always be better than any future date's apartment. 
  • All future partners would prefer to sleep in my bed over theirs. 
  • I would not meet someone allergic to cats.
  • Anyone who dated me would have to love my (awesome) cat.
Well, in reality, pretty much all of those minus the first have been wrong. My cat is still the best cat. But the boyfriend is a man who has a fully stocked bar at his house, a lot on his plate, and a severe allergy to cats. Oh, and my apartment is pretty crappy.

But this weekend, Radley came for a visit to the boyfriend's. I was pretty much in my bliss and deemed only the tiniest thing missing. 

Here is a list of a few things that happen when boyfriends and cats mingle:
  • Crying while stuck in closed-tunnel traffic.
  • Hiding under a new couch with plush carpet.
  • Fearing the Swiffer on a morning of cleaning.
  • Pawing blankets on cold nights.
  • Laughing a cat who is a neb-nose in the windows.
  • Smiling when hearing the boyfriend call the cat "buddy."
  • Sneezing. But not as much as one would think.
  • Cuddles on the couch.
Overall, I'd say we all deemed it a success.

This is Radley hanging out under the table . He seems pretty pleased. 

It was a pretty fabulous weekend. And in related news, I can't believe I wrote this blog post.

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