List #223: Things You Think About in September

In September, I think about:

  • When it will be cold enough to wear a dress...and boots.
  • Just what I should do to celebrate my birthday.
  • How much I miss buying school supplies. 
  • What it felt like to start a new school year. 
  • And how much I don't miss going to school as a young child.
  • Just where, oh where, can I go on vacation.
  • Affirmation that fall is the best time to travel.
  • New TV, I anticipate your return. 
  • Honestly, it's time to start thinking about Christmas gift.
  • How can I buy all of the cardigans?
  • Pumpkins. In flavor, in scent, in beer, in patches. 
  • Just how lucky I am.
So what does September make you think about, dear readers? 

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