List #215: Things That Happened This Week

Yesterday I was talking to a friend before the Penguins game and I couldn't remember what I had done on Wednesday night. I'm 31. I thought I was safe from this sort of mind blank for a good 20 years or so. I remembered, eventually. And blamed the crummy mood I was in on Wednesday for my lack of memory. But when you really do stop and think about it, it's amazing what one person can cram into 7 days. Less even, considering today is still young and tomorrow hasn't even happened.
  • Coordinated a bunch of work events. Most of them keeping me out of the library for the majority of next week. 
  • Impromptu drinks with one of my closest friends. 
  • A pitcher of Blue Moon. In a bar that will always remind me of graduate school.
  • Registered for my college reunion. And debated the merits of the major bars in that town. 
  • Cheered for Jalepeno Hannah. 
  • Smuggled Chipotle burritos into PNC Park.
  • Watched a whole bunch of season finales. And one series finale.
  • Saw Sidney Crosby get his second playoff hat trick. 
  • Watched another Penguins game in a bar.
  • Had my eyes examined.
  • Got fitted for new glasses. 
  • Struggled with my current state of being.
  • Took neighborhood walks. 
  • Ate lunch with a cousin. 
  • Decided to give online dating another go.
  • Got some very disappointing news.
  • RSVP'd to a baby shower.
  • Threw away two bouquets of flowers.
  • Was not shocked in the least when the guy staring me up and down at Einstein bagels was wearing a wedding ring.
  • Battled a tension headache for 2.5 days.
  • Drank a lot of fountain Coke (with lemon). 
  • Finished reading my 20th book of the year.
  • Practiced patience. Yet again.
  • Cried. Whether it was over the previously mentioned disappointment or The Office finale, is undisclosed. (It was both.) 
  • Wondered why the cold water in my apartment unexpectedly ran brown for an afternoon.
  • And worked my monthly Saturday at the library.
Hope you squeezed in a bunch of fun this week. Or at least, plan on making up for it this weekend, dear readers. 

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