List #209: A Busy Librarian During National Library Week

A few weeks ago I had to explain to a group of people that part of my job requires me to lift at least 50 pounds on a regular basis. I've been working in libraries for five and a half years now and explaining the physical and hectic side of my job is still something I do on a regular basis. So many people just don't understand what a librarian actually does and instead still subscribe to the notion that we're just scanning barcodes every morning and spend our afternoons with our nose in a classic book. And though I'm sure my non-librarian friends get tired of me talking about the library, because surely by now they get it, I still meet people who just don't understand why librarians even exist in this day and age.

Which is why, this time of year, I sigh heavy sighs. April and May are, by far, my busiest months at work. I barely have time to breathe right now and I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above the water. When I finally cross off a task on my to-do list the elation lasts only about 5 seconds, before I realize that there is still so many things left to conquer. There's summer reading, school visits, program planning, huge community events to plan, plus all of the other things that are always in motion: storytime, tackling eReaders, tax questions, pushy patrons, and more and more and more. I don't even feel like I have the energy to socialize after work and end up on my couch with a book and near-constant re-watches of New Girl and Parks and Recreation. Which, in may ways is terribly awesome. And in many ways, terribly bad.

It's National Library Week. And because I'm an overwhelmed librarian, tonight's list are some recommendations you can do to make your (very busy) local librarian happy:
  • Please don't argue over your minute fine. It won't get you anywhere and it will just make your librarian sad.
  • Homemade goods are always a welcome treat. Cookies, cakes, we'll share them with staff. But maybe try something different and gift a savory versus a sweet. You'll go down in library breakroom history.
  • Tell your librarian how much they mean to you. Librarians are public servants. And public servants don't get paid very much, so a pat on the back means more than you think.
  • Even better, write a letter or call their boss and tell them how much they mean to you.
  • Tell your librarian a library-inspired joke. But keep in mind, she's heard the one about the fast-food restaurant.
  • Tell all of your friends about the awesome librarian you know. Send your friends to their library. Set your friends up with the awesome librarian you know who is single. Boost her program attendance. All of these things are good.
  • Check out more books than movies. Even better, add a magazine to your cart. Or an eMagazine or eBook.
  • Tell your librarian that you know they have a Master's Degree, and you respect what they do.
  • Send Ryan Gosling to the library. Have him wear glasses and ask him to check out a thick book.
  • Treat your librarian to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Well, only do this if the librarian is your friend.  As a rule, it might be creepy if you're not.
  • Just love the library.
Your librarian really should be one of the most important people in your life. Don't you think? 

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