List #210: Growing Every Spring

I've gotten to know myself by now. And at least once, every spring, I grow tired. My body starts to ache. My joints hurt. And I find myself sleeping in a rolled up ball that is painful to wake in the morning.

I'm at that point of my current spring now.

It almost reminds me of the growing pains my younger brother experienced with such force as he grew up. Screams in the middle of the night that his body hurt. Waking up with a tired and groggy face. Not having the energy to do anything other than grow.

A lot of things are contributing to this, I think:

  • 12+ hour work days.
  • Sometimes weeks packed with too many evening activities.
  • My in ability to calm my mind at night.
  • The perfectionism I battle each day.
  • The old tune of "what's next" starting to bubble from beneath.
  • Having so much of what I want, but still wishing for a few more pieces.
  • Breaking in new shoes.
  • Trying to figure out the minds of others.
  • A cat who finds 2:00 am a great time to show me how much he loves me.
  • Finding the balance between rest and too much lazy.
  • Not demanding quiet.
This is not to say I'm unhappy. It's quite the opposite. It's been a great few weeks and though my worries and stress are always there, I'm laughing a lot. but the unrest is certainly apparent. Nights spent in silence, with just a book and a lot of blankets are heavenly. I foresee a weekend with no plans on my horizon. Soon.

But what about you, dear readers, do you ever feel the growing pains even now?

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