List #198: Assorted Things a Single Girl Might Do When She's Ready for a Seasonal Change

  • Take walks after work. Because even though it's still cold, it's sunny.
  • Yoga. Make lots and lots of room for yoga.
  • Stand in a room, talking to a kind-of-crush. And have him list all of the women he's dated, or tried to date, or failed to date.
  • Run into Pascal Dupuis doing regular life things. And wishing he wasn't married with kids.
  • Dream about hockey players.
  • Question why the only hockey player she ever dated for the briefest period of time had the personality of a stick.
  • Worry that the lines on her forehead are starting to show. Realize this is being melodramatic.
  • Text friends about the wrinkly forehead woes. And be laughed at.
  • Fall asleep really early. And still find the need to hit the snooze in the morning.
  • Finally read the second Game of Thrones book. Because she's four ahead in her 2013 reading goal, so why not read a book that's going to take her a month to finish.
  • Wish for a really phenomenal first date. But lack the desire to even try to mine the field at the moment. 
  • Watch Girls online and a day late. And wish she could write half as well as Lena Dunham. 
  • Wonder if it's a right of passage that everyone on this planet has to lead some other person on. At least once, before they finally find the one. 
  • Worry that at some point in the future she'll really be the odd woman out.  This worry can drag a whole day down.
  • Turn up the heat. And watch it snow.
  • Stress out every month about bills. Though it seems the majority of Americans do this nowadays.
  • Make dinner at home, pinch pennies. So that a new spring dress can be purchased soon.
  • Listen to Suit & Tie repeatedly. And know that even though it's not perfect, that new JT album is going to be in high rotation. 
  • Sleep alone. With a cuddly kitty on the edge of the bed.
  • Hold dance parties in the living room. Thrift Shop bringing out the moves. 
  • Drink Earl Grey tea. In all forms, but especially lattes. 
  • Let a cell phone battery die. And not even be too concerned about immediately charging it.
  • Apply lip gloss, Chapstick, and Carmex liberally. Winter cold does no good.
What's been you occupied, dear readers, as you eagerly (or patiently) await a change? 

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