List #199: Living Room Dance Parties

I know I've mentioned how much I have a desire to dance in kitchens. Either with partners or by myself, it doesn't matter. I'm just a big believer in the spontaneous dance party that can happen while preparing dinner or after a long day of hard work.

My kitchen is small though. So in my apartment, dance parties are usually held in my living room. I had one tonight after a long day of work in which I worked hard. Really hard.

There are only a few rules when it comes to dance parties (other than they can really happen in any room you choose).
1. Pants are optional.
2. Singing along is required for at least 50% of the songs.
3. There is no room for embarrassment. In neither song choices or dance moves.

Tonight's picks?
Nelly ~ Hot in Herre
The lyrics were in my head this morning thanks to a cover version. And really, it can make any party a great party.

Thrift Shop ~ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 
I don't care how trendy this song nor do I care how played out it might be. I want all of it.

Pirates ~ Jenny Owen Youngs 
Left on Spotify from the last time I had it up and running. It makes me bop.

Suit and Tie ~ Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z
It's not my favorite JT song by far. And I really hope it's not the best thing on the new album. Buy Justin is making formal wear sexy and I want to drink Pim's Cups with him.

Now go and have your own dance party, dear readers. And come back and share what is your on your own impromptu playlist. 

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