List #197: 28 Days

I've been thankful that February is our shortest month since right around 2000. I think it was my early college years that instilled an idea that "nothing ever good happens in February" and 13 years later, I'm only going to change that outlook a little bit. A little good can come out of February, you just have to really search for it. 

This last week of February 2013 has been filled with some of the quietest days of the month. Mostly by choice because I've been running myself ragged lately and well, just not feeling like I'm centered in myself. But the rest of the 28 days, well, I managed to pack them tight with a lot:
  • One plane ride with a preschooler screaming and kicking behind me.
  • Another plane ride that was delayed and deplaned, all because of a security breach. 
  • Two meals at Veselka that included lots of meat.
  • A trip to Rockefeller Center in wind and cold.
  • Migraines that kept me home from work.
  • Dinner with new librarians who are moving and shaking.
  • 5 books read.
  • 2 seasons of Homeland watched, mostly on my couch.
  • One Mardi Gras party missed, thanks to tension headaches.
  • Picture taking in Times Square, no Josh Elliot found.
  • 1 tour of a major library, one man scolded on the tour.
  • Over 20-some soups tasted thanks to a super crossing guard and Pittsburgh. 
  • 1776 seen and enjoyed. With historic whiskey to boot.
  • Yoga classes to bend and twist, going strong since January.
  • Bubbles blown with my nephews, as per the household rule.
  • A trip to my alma mater, complete with ice that prevented us from going home. 
  • Two Penguins games attended and won.
  • Assorted conference calls attended. 
  • Lenten Pierogies eaten. 
  • A few new bloggers met.
  • Assorted evening events.
  • New Pittsburgh restaurants tried.
  • 30th birthdays celebrated.
  • Drinks had among friends.
  • Facetime.
  • Skee-ball in bars.
  • 1 birthday remembered.
  • 1 cousin missed.
And a whole lot more. February was a ride. And though this winter has been full of activity and many nights of fun, I'm ready for spring. Bring on March. And all of its ides and lions and lambs. 

What kept you, dear readers, busy in February? Give yourself a pat on the back, we've made it. 

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