List #196: I'm Blaming the Full Moon

I've been feeling a little more than off my game this week.

  • Monday started with a migraine that left me nauseated. I took a sick day from work and took 3 naps. I couldn't eat until around 1:30. And then I ended up eating so many things.
  • Tuesday a headache remnant of the migraine hung around all day. And I pumped it full of Coca-cola to get through storytime and work catch-up. 
  • I left my keys on my desk at work. And got caught in the pouring rain.
  • There have been work slip-ups. Patrons yelling at me. And phone tag that won't end.
  • I've been checking the door to see if it's locked 3 times before actually leaving in the morning.
  • Giving up ironing before bed, a standard in my routine.
  • And well, sleepless nights.
I guess you could say that a little anxiety and stress is floating around. We're gearing up for my the start of my busiest time of year and I feel like I'm juggling a lot of balls in the air and well, let's face it, I've always been afraid of dropping all that I choose to pick up and handle. And the things I haven't chose but have to handle anyway? Sometimes I'm even scared to look at them.

Something is missing though. Something is a little off. And I'm hoping that a few yoga sessions and a weekend that has plans, but nothing too major, might put be back on the right track. 

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