Letter #53: Things I Want You to Know, Part 14

Dear Seth MacFarlane,
This might sound like blasphemy coming from a woman in her 30s who likes funny things, I don't really like you. I think some of the stuff you do is hilarious. And other things, not even close. Sometimes I think you look smarmy and I bet, in a dinner party with a room of equally smart and interesting people, you'd try to dominate conversation. So I don't really care about you hosting the Oscars this year. I'll tune in for some of it, of course. Because I am a woman in her 30s who loves men in tuxes, thinks Jennifer Lawrence is the best person in Hollywood, and wants to fantasize wearing fancy dresses. Honestly though? Don't take it too personally. I don't really like award shows and want Tina and Amy to host all of them.

Dear Boots & Tights,
If I haven't told you yet this winter, you're the best. I bet we're all ready for a respite from cold weather and snow, but when the spring sunshine starts to peak, I'll be sad to see you start hibernating in the back of the closet.

Dear February,
You were a wild ride of activity. Worthy of a blog post all of your own. And though you've got a a few days left, and historically you're a terrible month, you've offered up a lot of enjoyment. For making my Winter 2013 a little more exciting, I thank you.

Dear Hair,
You're longer than you've been since, well I'm not really sure. Maybe since approximately 2004 when I lived in a foreign country and put off cutting my hair because I didn't have the vocabulary to try and figure that one out. We've been short, and nothing longer than the shoulders for years. And it feels lovely. Split ends are creeping in and we need a trim, but the long hair is here to stay. For now.

Dear Ben Wyatt,
Though I've really been crushing on Nick Miller a lot this year, I want you to know that I don't think there is a better television boyfriend than you. Yes, my great tv loves might be Josh Lyman or Coach Eric Taylor but you're my tv romance. For this dorky girl who grew up to be a woman who loves public service, Joe Biden, and candy, "I love you and I like you" is the sweetest thing she can imagine hearing. Even if she is a librarian.

Dear Man at the Starbucks with the face tattoo,
You used to like tea. And you used to be seen weekday mornings before 8 am. But life changes and we're on different schedules now. Much like me and my favorite Penguin player too. I just hope that all is well and that someone is keeping your bed warm.

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