List #192: Romance for Your Ears

I'm not the first person you should go to for romantic advice. When I love (or really like) someone, I do romantic gestures on a small scale not a big one. There will be no jet-painted letters in the sky if you date me, but instead, you might your favorite candy waiting for you by the computer in the morning. Or little hand-made cards with inside jokes. Or a note in your messenger bag. Or something small I haven't even thought of yet because I don't know it until I get to know who I love (or really like).

But I wanted a little romance sprinkled here this week. So I went ahead and asked Twitter for their favorites. This is what they answered.

Quite honestly, Twitter did a better job at naming numerous romance songs than I could have. I tend to lean towards the songs that make you cry. Not that there aren't a few on this list, some of the suggestions are definitely ones that might remind you of a heartbreak or two. 

And if you really want to hear some of my own romantic favorites you can listen here, or here or even here

So dear readers, what did the Internet miss? Leave your comments about Twitter's picks, my picks, and your own picks. Let's spread a little love this week. 

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