List #193: Bits of Love

Because it's that time of year.
A moments when you've felt loved:
  • When a card arrives in the honest-to-goodness mail from a friend you haven't talked to in a long time. Occasion doesn't matter: birthday, anniversary, heartbreak, sorrow, just because.
  • When you're heading on a road trip, your hand tucked beneath his thigh, the road out ahead of you. A classic album blasting, the sunroof open, the sun shining.
  • The first time their head meets your shoulder.
  • When your Dad leaves you a voicemail in the middle of the day. To tell you to read something in the paper. An article, an op-ed, the crime blotter, a comic strip.
  • When they cook for you. And don't even let you wash the dishes.
  • When the animal you love snuggles right up to your side.
  • With arms wrapped around you on a cold night, wind rattling the windows, and a blanket kicked off and barely covering the both of you.
  • During the morning when you're best friend emails you about the state of their day and asks silly questions or tells you funny stories about their last 24 hours.
  • When you overhear someone talking proudly about you. 
  • Right after a late night conversation on the phone. Completely in the dark, under blankets, half-asleep and half-drunk on love.
  • When a grandparent refuses to let you leave their house without taking food or five dollars.
  • When the snow is inches deep outside and you're inside, feet tucked under their butt, and both of you with books in hand.
  • During a really good make-out session, hands going everywhere, with the person you can't wait to see after a long day.
  • When they wait to watch that favorite television show, or movie, with you.
  • On those rare days when you come home to a happy surprise  a cupcake, a card, a drawing, just something special for you.
  • That exact moment a song is playing, and they pause, take a deep breath and tell you that the song reminds them of you. 
  • When a friend drops everything to come over and listen to you cry.
  • When your mom frets about all of the things you do that aren't part of your normal routine.
  • When they squeeze your hand under a table during dinner.
  • After hearing the simplest and most sincere comments: about your eyes, your smile, your feet, whatever it is they like.
  • Forever after when shout compliments about things other than your body.
  • When someone takes the time to tell you that they miss you.
  • When people care about not just about you, but your family too.
  • After an argument that may have lead to tears, but definitely led to kisses. And maybe a little bit more.
  • Sometime between the first kiss and what you hope is never your last kiss.
  • As your inbox is flooded with links and discussions concerning your favorite shows, actors, life crushes, or any and all inside jokes.
  • When they make you tea in the morning.
  • When they get up from bed to get you a glass of water.
  • When your siblings actually want to hang out with you without your parents around.
  • When they actually say, "I Love You."
  • When not all hope is lost. 
So dear readers, when have you felt love? Share a little of it in the comments. And Happy Valentine's Day to you. <3

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