List #191: What Happens on Lesser Nights

After a weekend getaway with friends and a tight budget, a girl might find herself with more evenings at home. February doesn't make too many nights that aren't cold and blanketed with snow. So a girl might discover that she puts on pajamas before seven o'clock and orders pizza by the slice. All of those things are good things. (As long as they are dished out in small portions, of course.)

And when those events due give a girl a night home alone, here are some things she might do:

  • Attempt to clean all of the things, but end up only washing dishes and a few of the things.
  • Dream up her dream bedroom, but comes back down to reality after a look at her bank account balance.
  • Offer advice to young women whose shoes she was once in, wonder deeply if the advice will even matter.
  • Read.
  • Get sucked into Homeland from episode one, and immediately sink into her couch and waste many hours on a marathon.
  • Send emails.
  • Make her bed with clean sheets, and then proceed to rumple them all up.
  • Practice yoga on her living room floor, in hopes of easing the aches in her back. 
  • Wish that instead of yoga, someone was there to give her a massage.
  • Iron clothes.
  • Find her cat equally cute and equally annoying, with the balance just about to tip over to either side at any given moment.
  • Check Facebook.
  • Send friends play-by-plays of her Homeland watching experience. No spoilers, of course. Only those who've seen it before.
  • Tweet to gather inspiration for a future blog post that's been brewing.
  • Contemplate filing her taxes, but then realize she left important paperwork on her desk.
  • Text.
There's a slight chance I may have done all of that tonight. What do you do on the lesser nights, dear readers? 

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