List #194: Things That Are in Fictional Life but Should Happen in Real Life to Make my Life Better

Ron Swanson on his own talk show.
If there was a weekly "You're on With Ron" show where I could call in and seek Ron Swanson's life advice, I feel as if my life would never wander again. 

A scene in this book that I'm reading.
I'm not finished with this book yet and the verdict is still on whether I'll find the novel very good or very pretentious. Mostly likely somewhere in between. But I read a scene today, where the lead character realizes he's just about to screw up something wonderful, and a friend actually stops him and steers him back on the right track.

A 2-day romantic hiatus like Hannah
I still think the cocaine episode is going to be the funniest of the season, but on re-watch the oddball short story we got of Hannah and Joshua just keeps pulling at me. I've could identify with a little too much in this episode. And so much of it had me remembering my own romantic respite when the older man. And so much of it had me wanting to stumble upon a brownstone with warm sweaters and a man who owns them.

A Nick Miller Kiss
If you haven't seen this kiss yet, you need to watch it. I want kissed by my own Nick Miller. With the look and the grab and the passion. I want a Nick Miller with passion. The most.

Not so unreasonable, I think. Anything else that are fiction but you'd love to have in real life? 

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