List #189: A Few Songs That Have Been Getting Me Through January

Bruno Mars ~ Locked Out of Heaven
When I want to dance. Or think about dancing. And just forget for a few minutes that I'm solo and stressed to the max.
Matt Nathanson ~ Romeo and Juliet
Because this cover is the best of this song. And reminds me that no one has to be perfect. And neither does love.

Taylor Swift ~ That song where she keeps repeating trouble
I think I hear this song anytime I listen to Top 40 radio. Which isn't a lot. I would not click play on this video unless you want to see Ms. Swift in a bad wig looking like she's on drugs in some weird video prologue. For the record, I don't really like this song but I find myself singing it often.
Imagine Dragons ~ It's Time
Secretly I listen to this song when I'm the only librarian in the office and need a little motivation to get through the day. It makes me wonder what it's like to be a Mormon rocker and has me curious about missions that take me to middle America. I haven't even given the rest of this album a chance. But I'll happily sing this song loudly. 

I don't even know what these songs say about me. Because I don't really think they say much. Pretty much an accurate description of this January, really. Perhaps I should just stick to the book I'm reading and the strange, lucid dreams I've been dreaming.  Sometimes this month has felt like a weird one, folks. 

What's been on your 

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