List #188: Things That Feel Like Home

  • Dinner with an old friend on a snowy winter night.
  • Conversations that lapse into the serious with someone who doesn't mind watching you cry.
  • Warm blankets that you've had for years.
  • Every time you talk to your mom on the phone.
  • A funny text from your dad on your way to work.
  • Visiting a new city and feeling like a part of yourself has always been waiting for you there.
  • An old song that you haven't heard in years.
  • The feeling you get when you first put on pajamas.
  • A steamy bath.
  • Running into the person you used to love.
  • Soup.
  • Great big hugs.
  • Windy nights when you have nowhere to be.
  • Cards from relatives sent in the honest-to-goodness mail.
  • A book that tells its tale slowly.
  • Tea in the morning.
  • Quiet in a dark room.

I've been thinking a lot about home comforts this week, dear readers. So what about you. What feels like home to you? 

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