List #187: Reasons Why I Love the Obamas

Happy Inauguration Day!

Of course I voted for Barack Obama, I don't hide my political leanings too much.

And today I was happy to have the morning off (even on MLK Day, this public librarian worked) so that I could watch the inaugural ceremonies.

So, I give a few good reasons why I love the Obamas. Without being too political.

  • The way President Obama delivers speeches with measured pauses and sincere words.
  • His snark in press conferences.
  • Michelle Obama's infectious smile.
  • The amount that they value education.
  • Their vocal stance on gay marriage.
  • How empathically they talk about women's rights.
  • All of Michelle Obama's clothes.
  • Obviously, Bo.
  • The way President Obama tries to make it clear that not all of the solutions are easy ones.
  • Hard, tireless, and stressful work. That they keep on keepin' on.
  • Their children just seem like adorable, smart, funny girls.
  • That Michelle's mother lives with them at The White House.
  • The way they keep their daughters in-line and out of the public eye.
  • How when they talk about the people of our country, you can tell that they deeply care.
  • When they hug people.
  • The way they kiss.
I can only hope for 4-years of continued hard work from our First Family. I hope for peace, and parties bridging their gaps. I hope that when President Obama leaves office four years from now, we're all bit better off than we sit here today.

And for myself, a single, liberal democratic woman, that one day a love like theirs walks into my life. And we can serenade each other to Al Green, laugh, and look fantastic in formal wear. 

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