List #178: Songs for 2012

If I were to make a playlist of the songs that best describe my 2012, it would include the following. (Since this is my list, the songs don't actually have to be released in 2012. Only qualifications are heavy emotional attachment and repeated listening).

Somebody That I Used to Know ~ Gotye
I'm pretty sure I listened to this on a continuous loop on the days leading up to (and shortly after) my move. If there was ever a song that I didn't want to like, but liked completely, this would be it.  Torn between whose verses I liked better (Kimbra wins out). This song solidified any doubt that I had about being over someone who had long since left my life. And made me oh, so happy.

Winter Song ~ Head and the Heart
Honestly winter 2012 seems like a blur to me. I remember certain things like Chinese food, a birthday party for twins, early morning coffee, heavy feelings, lack of snow, and dissecting television shows. But memories of those cold months actually feel a little surreal. Yet I do remember listening to this song (and album) over and over before falling asleep  And now that winter has started yet again, I find myself doing the same thing. Bookends for the year.

Kiss with a Fist ~ Florence + The Machine
To be clear, this does not mean I was involved in an abusive relationship in any shape or form (I don't think she's singing about that anyway). But this song will always remind me of a guy who grew up in middle America and who I spent a good portion of 2012 mixed up with in many ways. Energetic, emotional, twisted, and slightly addicting. You sort of miss it when it's over. And you really didn't want it be over: banter, electricity, foreplay, and a whole lot more. I'm absolutely positive he has no idea this song reminds me of him. And he'd probably give me some crazy look and make fun of me, with a snarky comment, for attributing it to him. But "love sticks, sweat drips, break the lock if it don't fit" does it every single time.

Hold On ~ Alabama Shakes
Late summer, early fall. If you could have heard what was coming out of my earphones, Alabama Shakes would have been it. I want to be a Southern Rocker so badly. And I am may pretend (when I'm wearing a flouncy skirt and boots with no tights) that I can belt this song and transport myself to Alabama. 
Classy Girls ~ The Lumineers
For one, I feel like I've had this exact type of conversation in bars many times in my life. For two, The Lumineers remind me of Pacific Northwest travels. And also, as for the kissing that I did in 2012 I don't think any one of them happened inside a bar. Now, the streets outside of bars...that may be another story. 

West Coast ~ Coconut Records
This fall I returned to the West Coast for the fourth time in my life. I've been to California (twice), Oregon (once), and Washington (twice). This year I even added Vancouver. And though I don't think I could be happy in California,  I think I could be perfectly happy in the Pacific Northwest. This year's vacation was the best one I had ever given myself. It was filled with great friends, perfect weather, off-the-grid adventures. And thanks to Pandora loving this song on all of my stations, it was always make me think of autumn 2012 and my deep-hearted love and dreams of going back to the west coast.

Call Me Maybe ~ Carly Rae Jepsen 
Because, of course. 

So dear readers, what songs will forever go down as one you loved in 2012? Share in the comments!

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