List #176: A Year in Review

Someone wrote to me, inside a Christmas card, "I know 2012 hasn't been the greatest year for you but it seems like you had a lot of fun along the way." And I think that sums up the year perfectly.

I feel like it was a year of strength and progress. It was a steady year where I was able to let the foundation of me settle more, without too many earthquakes to shake up the progress. Even the bleak parts don't seem so bad when the whole year gets put into perspective.

A Whole Lot of Fun in 2012

So, here is what I did this year:
  • Moved into a new apartment.
  • Entertained friends in my new apartment.
  • Vacationed in Emerald Isle, NC.
  • Ate crab legs.
  • Swam in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time since 1999.
  • Witness three friends get married.
  • Became a bridesmaid once, for a cousin.
  • Had someone cook me dinner for Valentine's Day.
  • Walk away from someone who wasn't giving me what I needed.
  • Walk right back to the same person.
  • Made secrets.
  • Kept secrets.
  • Wore a lot of dresses.
  • Had fun with a TV Boyfriend Bracket
  • Was in an accident.
  • Developed a Pulmonary Embolism.
  • Spent a week in the hospital.
  • Realized how much my friends and family loved me.
  • Cried my eyes out.
  • Adopted a little kitten.
  • Named the kitten Radley.
  • Went to a few Pirates games.
  • Went to a few Penguins games.
  • Went to no Steelers games.
  • Wished the NHL lockout would end.
  • Thought words and actions were sincere.
  • Was easily fooled.
  • Got on Root Sports after many tries.
  • Took a road trip to Charleston, WV with my favorite librarians and boys.
  • Went on vacation to Seattle.
  • Took a train to Vancouver.
  • Biked in Stanley Park.
  • Made friends with Beluga whales.
  • Slept in a fancy hotel room with a spectacular view.
  • Loved the Pacific Northwest. Again.
  • Ate poutine. 
  • Drank lots of wine and beer.
  • Soaked in a lot of bubble baths.
  • Took a surprise trip to Baltimore.
  • Was interviewed for Yinzpiration. 
  • Went on a few first dates.
  • Fell in love with knights at Medieval Times.
  • Wished I was Leslie Knope.
  • Made new friends from the Internet.
  • Had a few crushes. 
  • Caused a few crushes.
  • I walked in honor of my cousin
  • Didn't do as much as writing as I had hoped.
  • Traded tweets with Rick Sebak.
  • Finally closed the door on the person who occupied my time.
  • Bought a new bed that is just mine.
  • Listened to David Sedaris.
  • Danced in my living room.
  • Wished that Nick Miller would take me on a date.
  • Decorated my first Christmas tree.
  • Sent over 50 Christmas cards.
  • Got cookies from Santa.
  • Kissed a few men.
  • Laughed lots the best of friends.
  • Attended a professional conference.
  • Was heckled by a pierogi. 
  • Served as references.
  • Crossed my fingers.
  • Ate a lot of tacos and burritos.
  • Felt accomplished.
  • Felt inadequate.
  • Dreamed about the future.
So 2012 has a few more days left. And my wish for everyone, including myself, is to make the best that they can be. And look forward to 2013, hope for magic, and discover reasons to smile.

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