List #177: A List of Things Your Single Friend is Not

I've reached the point in my life where my number of single friends is far less than the number of married and committed friends. Throw in a few friends and acquaintances who constantly jump from one long term relationship to the next, and it will shock you how few "comfortably single" statuses there really are in existence.

So, on behalf of all of us who find ourselves single more than in a relationship, I'm lending some insight.

  • Being single doesn't mean alone. On any given day there is conversation through through gchat, text, twitter, emails, and yes, sometimes even phone calls. 
  • Not having a significant other doesn't mean equal a lot of free time In fact, weeks are often booked solid with little wiggle room. 
  • Just because there is no significant other, doesn't mean there is no social life.. Nights often move beyond watching movies on the couch. There are dinner dates, clubs, meetings, new people to meet, and more. 
  • Seeing poems, stock photos, and "repost this if" posts on Facebook incite jealousy. It's just  wondrous why you have so much time on your hands and why you aren't spending it telling your significant other these things face-to-face.
  • Singledom doesn't automatically bring back a neglected friendship. Hurt feelings can last awhile.
  • Just because there is no dating during the holidays, doesn't mean there is no fun during the holidays. Please don't make a single friend a last-minute back up. They'll be kind enough to extend an invitation, but it doesn't mean they are waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Being single doesn't mean yearning for advice every minute of the day. Online dating?! Never heard of it! Surely it's not frustrating nor hard at all! 
  • A single person crying does not equal depression. Sometimes a good cry (or two) is needed to pack up and move on.
  • Single friends aren't perpetual sympathizers. Loyal friends, yes. But everyone has their limits.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side, remember.
Sorry for the rant, dear readers. But actually, it feels pretty good to get that off my chest.

Is anyone else someone whose constant state is more single than coupled? What would else would you like to add. I'm sure we've all got a few (I know I probably have a few more) so let's share.

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